1 day, 2 hours and 25 minutes older

I was born at 11PM on Nov 7, 24 years ago. I’m not one to feel old because I’m sure I’ve never acted my age. Whatever that means.

My day started at 6:00AM. I got up, showered and got dressed for school. I opened my presents, my cards and my emails (beam). I was late for class. Oh well. I sat for three hours listening to talks about Advertising and Promotion. Okay: I was *half* listening. I was also doing Monday’s SuDoKu from the Toronto Star. After class, Ash bought me breakfast. (beam) I was so happy because I was starving! hehe I tried not to let on 😉 We chilled for about an hour, till I had to do my 2 hour volunteer time slot down in the placement centre.
*Then* Jordan picked me up to take me to lunch (beam), we went to Sushi Sky Japanese Restaurant and had our fill of Sushi, Sushi Pizza, Edamame, Seaweed Salad and the like. Oh man was I stuffed! But not too stuffed that I couldn’t have a Chantico from Starbucks! We made our way down to the ILLC and chilled with Marta and Ash for a bit. Then our group meeting had to start and Jordan wanted to go home and clean so he went home. The group meeting was productive. Score.

These gorgeous buds were waiting for me when I got home. I was about to cry! I thought *he* forgot. Well, I didn’t think he forgot but was just waiting to talk to me on MSN to greet me. I was expecting a text in the morning when I got up. I love that till this day he can still surprise me.

It has been the best birthday ever. Not because of any single one thing that happened. But because of the many great people I know and have the pleasure of interacting with. I’ve always treasured birthdays… but for me it’s more about being able to see all my friends/talk to all my friends and remind all of you that you’re the reason I celebrate my life on this day.

So Thank you, from the bottom of my heart to those that wished me well. I had an amazing day and it happened because of you.

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  1. That is so unbelievably sweet… I’m so glad you had an awesome b-day… those flowers are just simply GORGEOUS!

  2. Beautiful lady… we are all the richer because you are in the world with us! Glad this day left you with a smile Reggy .-)
    Always yours,

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