30 years of bliss

Today my parents are celebrating 30 years of marital bliss. I’m sure that all 30 years haven’t been exactly ‘blissful’ but you know, they’ve made it to this point and they’re still smiling and laughing and sleeping in the same bed1.

My parents were never openly affectionate in public2 but they were always very caring. I get my inability to allow a guest into my home without offering them something to drink at the very least from my Mum. The fact that I can walk around without my head up my ass3 from my Dad. I even get my worrying ways from them4.

They are my parents who are lovely, charming, generous, caring and funny5 among many other wonderful qualities. My brother and I are very lucky to have parents who have such good souls who push us just enough but trust us to live our own lives. Sure we don’t have a lot of immediate family here, but our small family of four are slowly but surely becoming great friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad xo

  1. and I can only hope they’re doing more than sleeping sometimes – yeah, I went there[]
  2. so I’m not sure where I get my affection from is what I’m sayin’[]
  3. and help someone pick up something they dropped[]
  4. mostly Mum but Dad worries too or maybe he just worries about me[]
  5. but don’t ever tell them I said that[]

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