525,600 minutes…

I LOVE Musicals. I had the best night with Kelly1 tonight. We went out for sushi and then went to see Rent. And I really wish I had ended my night there. But I *thought* that I would keep to my word and bring in my secret santa present… to the secret santa thing where I work. But for some reason, between the last time I went out with them and tonight, they’ve somehow started to hate me or at least not care for my company. Oh well. I was just being nice anyway. Yeah, I’m more upset than I care to talk about it, because I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong… but I’d really rather focus on my great date with Kelly!

I loved this movie. And I wish I had been able to see the play. But I’ll take the movie for sure! The harmony in the actor’s voices were awesome and makes me wish I had pursued the ever-difficult life of an artist. It’s a great story about love, life and the struggles of both. There was a little too much singing at one point, but I can’t speak about that part for fear that someone who hasn’t seen either movie or play yet. At one point it made me want to live in New York… but then I thought hm… and almost squat like they are?! Maybe not. It kinda made me excited about my wanting to move to Ireland after I graduate. (Like it takes much for me to think about that nowadays). It’ll be fun I’m sure, I just hope I can stay for longer than 1 year because I’d hate to have to move again so soon.

I have a few favourite songs from the Movie: Season’s of Love, Light My Candle, Take Me or Leave Me… and well of course I love all of them! haha who am I kidding?

I’m starting to get really really nervous about my trip. I felt great after my talk with Peter, but for some reason, I’m even more nervous now?! Anything can happen! Gah. Stop worrying!

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  1. hey reggy!! i love musicals myself, but i haven’t had the chance to see this!! i do have seasons of love in my ipod though, but not the movie version, some broadway version. i love it! miss ya babe hope you have a really nice new year!!


    Thank you for your warm wishes and words of encouragement 🙂 I won’t be updating probably until I get to Ireland because my computer is out of commish (I burnt out my laptop’s AC adapter so I can’t recharge). Until then, I wish you all the very best and the chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones, like I have had the pleasure of doing.

    Greggy, always a pleasure to be in your dreams! 😀

  3. Hi Beautiful lady,
    Always on Christmas I think of you Reggy, and always the same beautiful fantasy – of you and a pure white stallion, riding through dunes of snow. Dressed in deep white furs – your beautiful black hair streaming in the wind! Merry Christmas!

  4. Yeah, stop worrying, you’ll be fine . . . you’ll have tons of fun! Look forward to all of that!!

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