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I’ve been tagged by xYevkax, and the simple-yet-not-so-simple instructions: Pick 7 people who have inspired you but keep them anonymous and describe why and/or how they have inspired or continue to inspire you.

There are many types of inspiration, and like xYevkax I’m not listing mine in order of priority because I think that each person has inspired me in so many different ways and that each of those ways has shaped me better than if there were only one of them. And also, I do think there are many more people that inspire me but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment while I’m trying my best not to scratch.

I’ve decided to put the tags up at the top because of how long this post is… and I tag: Elle, xJadziax, xMaeyox (because you haven’t don’t it yet), Mariyah (you either!), Chris, Grace and Karen (not sure she’ll get to this right away because she gets LOTS of email about her blog but it’s worth a shot!)


The most obvious one of all, but also the most inspirational one has to be one of the best people to have ever crossed my path. After all, he did inspire me to not only achieve three A’s in my final year (I had only promised him 2) but I was able to do it while taking on the equivalent to 6 courses AND take a major part in planning our Graduation Formal. He has given me the strength to face a lot of my insecurities and realise just how immature I still was and how much I had to learn. He has also given me the patience to calm down, and relax… much more preferable to the extremely stressed, unhappy individual I once was (even if he’s not necessarily the most relaxed person all the time… hehehe… but you’re learning sweety.)

That’s not to say that he hasn’t inspired me in similar ways. After all, it’s only understandable that he would want me to do my best and to grow up… I just can’t believe how much we used to fight. And how we still do, but because we’re so alike. At least with money. He nags me to be mindful of my debts, yet I’ve seen him spend the exact same way. It’s hard not be inspired by a person who is so patient, wise, knowledgable, skilled, funny (though a bit cheesy), caring, gentle and firm.

Of course there’s the other side of the pair… organised but panics easily, a little bit of a stresscase, funny (to laugh at), definitely caring, selfless and just plain tireless. She thinks she’s not smart, but she gives herself too little credit… and who would’ve thought that trait is genetic. She’s so good at keeping in touch with people across the seas, even across to the heavens… and while what we believe in may not be parallel, the basics are there: faith in goodness in the world and the consequences that accompany any counter activities.

I’ve only known her for 5 years, but I think there was a reason we clicked in that first year of college. As one of the strongest women I know, I aspire to have her faith in traditions. She made me realise the value of traditions and being able to instill the sense of tradition into your children… especially in the world we’re living in. She’s two year’s younger than me but so much more mature, more disciplined, more composed and every bit the woman I hope to incorporate in who I turn out to be. And though she’s moved 3 hours away, I hope I still get to see her a lot in the days I’m back in Canada.

She wrote to me once… and it was right before she was leaving Dubai to move back to the Philippines to go to college. It was a letter of advice. A lecture if you will. I was a wild child. Boys, boys, boys. That’s all I was interested in. Okay, clothes too. She tried to get me to see the error of my ways. It was too late though, I had already gotten my heart shattered. And shortly after, we moved to Canada. And I lost touch with her… but I still have her letter to this day. And though I never followed all the advice she gave me, what I’ve changed about how I deal with boys has a lot to do with her. And now, as we’ve reconnected… she’s continuing to inspire me; to be good to myself and therefore good to others. She inspires me with her energy… an energy I feel even though my only contact with her are the words she leaves on the world wide web.

And for the remaining two… while they may not inspire me in such a way that they get as big a paragraph as the others, but it doesn’t mean the inspiration they provide me with isn’t significant. For the most part, I’ve lost touch with these people… the latter more so than the first one… but I’m positive that the same characteristics that inspired then are still prevalent in these people.

Even before we started dating, I was in awe of this person… so smart, so musical, and so rational. He didn’t get emotional very easily, and it was so foreign to me. But soon I broke him down, as he did me. We both grew. And he continues to grow. Musically, emotionally… I hope that I can get out of this rut I’m in at the moment and have his drive; to discover the world with far more courage than I have displayed.

She was very religious… and an extremely talented musician. Intelligent and so much more mature than we all were in high school. I’m sad we’ve lost touch, but I suppose we were friends of proximity. Not that it means less, but our difference in beliefs (especially considering the strength of her faith in hers) would’ve meant disagreements. But nonetheless… she is inspiring because she a very motivated motivator.

And she reminds me of someone else I’ve met in my online years… someone who since left the blogging about her personal life to focus on fighting for what she believes in. I hope that when I find something I believe in as strongly as she believes in her fight, that I will have half the determination she does to do so.


Ok I cheated.. there’s 8 there but who cares! Now it’s YOUR turn!

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  1. damnit! this tag might take me awhile. its some serious thinking that i have to do.

    i’ll probably do the same thing as yours–do it anonymously 🙂


  2. well, i did plan to hav this tag out last nyt but got distracted. It’s in the oven. 🙂

    Beautiful post, btw.

    This is d 1st thing i read this morning! INSPIRING!

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