A decade in review… part deux.

Yesterday, I started looking at the last 10 years of my life. I cut it off before the middle because there was quite a bit of ground to cover. And so, here goes nothing:

Part 2: Fickle, fragile, and full of fight.

2005: D.B.’s visa expired at the end of March. He moved back to Dublin and I moved out of our love nest1 and back in with my parents. I tried to get over D.B. by finding comfort in the company of friends and some lovers and mostly by working my ass off at the catering company. I was in the best shape of my life but only because I was living off of coffee, adrenaline2 and about 3 hours sleep every night.

The highlight of the summer, for me, was that he came to visit and even though he never said he was there to visit me a part of me let myself believe that it was. Finishing my first semester of my final year of University was a task in and of itself – let alone everything else.  I went to visit him in Dublin for New Year’s and proceeded to get my heart broken again but still managed to have the resolve to write a letter to a huge3 hotel to ask them if they might possibly have a job opening for me the following summer.

2006: My last and final semester in University. I was taking 7 courses4; I was co-chair of the grad formal committee; I was co-editor of the yearly publication used to sell5 our recent grads to potential employers in the industry; I had a part time job and I managed to graduate with the best grades I have ever gotten in my entire life. I also got a job offer from the hotel in Dublin that I had applied to, accepted it and moved to Dublin to start with them in July. I also got my heart shattered for a 4th time by the very reason I was moving to Dublin in the first place.  My dream ‘came true’ as soon as I arrived, and we got back together; despite some rough second beginnings we6 managed to find a way to make it work but not really until the new year…

2007: This was a good year. For a bunch of reasons but mostly it was a good year in our relationship. Perhaps the only year where the good outweighed the bad. I had also just started a new job at a car park management company and was no longer working Tues-Sat from 5-close every week. An even worse career move on my part but I thought it was worth the sacrifice. We went to London in January and Paris in October. I even got to see my cousin get married in December and meet the most adorable niece7 in the world, in the Philippines.

2008: A mixture of sadness and hapiness as the year started out with my heaving to leave Dublin8 but got to stay in Dubai on holidays for three weeks before returning to Canada. I also had a mix of the same careerwise as I started the year out by getting a job where my title was ‘keyholder’9 and opened a hotel restaurant every morning; and soon I was to learn that I have de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. But on the bright side, I got to temp at a PR firm where I met some pretty awesome people. I stuck with some administration work and didn’t return to school10 because I wanted to give someone I had always doubted, the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure they were right, but I also wish I hadn’t waited so long: to go back to school. I was able to go back to Dublin for a visit twice that year but I think this is where things really started to shift for me; even if I didn’t want to admit it at the time11.

2009: I can’t say I can recall how this year began. Nothing significant happened until the middle of the year. D.B. came for a visit in May after I had just moved in to a place I shared with one of my good friends for about 5 months. I switched from a job where I felt the environment was toxic to my current job. My relationship with D.B. went into an unannounced super serious mode only to break into a million pieces in and around the 10th month. Soon after I met someone unlike anyone else I’ve ever met before – and no I’m not in love all over again but it certainly is a special connection. I also turned 28 this year, and I’ve been told that this is meant to be a life changing year for me. But maybe they’re just trying to scare me 🙂

Where will the next decade take me? Who knows? But I definitely enjoyed taking a quick peek at the last 10 years. And how fast things can change. How fast my mind can change, yet how long it seems to be stuck. It’s definitely been an interesting ride…

Have you taken a look at at the last 10 years of your life?

  1. albeit there was a lot of hurt that lived there too, it was mostly a love nest[]
  2. and amybe some cigarettes[]
  3. huge player in the industry[]
  4. most people took 4, some 5[]
  5. for lack of a better word[]
  6. and by we, I mean he – because I was always in this mindset[]
  7. my only, or is she a 2nd cousin? I don’t care – I love her![]
  8. as I overstayed my visa – oops, sorry lads!![]
  9. where I was basically an assistant manager but couldn’t have the title because union rules would have prevented me from taking tables and therefore getting tips[]
  10. against my own better judgment[]
  11. hm.. am I missing the point of this decade in review thing by only talking about this vaguely here?[]

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  1. Wow you have had an eventful decade 🙂 You’ve done a lot! And I am sure the next decade will be amazing. Happy New Year! xx

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