A fresh start?

I had my first training shift at my new job as a hostess. It was ok. Saturday night is obviously busy so I didn’t really get to see anything that I didn’t already know. I spent my time pretty much figuring out some of their system of seating tables, making roll-ups, polishing glassware, bussing tables and the like. I didn’t mind. I need mindless work right now. I have my second shift tomorrow and hopefully my lip glass1 and training booklets will still be at the host stand tomorrow. Dumbass girl (me) left them there.

But anyway! On to smaller and better things: I got iTunes to finally work on my computer after 9 hours on Thursday and it works like a dream! I love how tiny it is. I love how shiny it is. and I love the engraving. So far I have no complaints about battery life, sound quality, ease of use or anything really. I know I was really upset before about not getting iTunes to work but meh, it didn’t kill me so. It’s all good. You can add as many clocks as you want so I’ve added: Toronto (duh), Dublin (duh), Abu Dhabi (no Dubai listed), Sydney (Tee), Perth (Mish) and Calgary (Brent). And I have yet to find time to play around with all the other features… I’d love to try and use the calendar and to do but I have a PDA sitting around somewhere collecting dust because I simply prefer pen and paper where I can scratch things out, doodle in or just feel the ink move onto paper. I love the graphics of it though, especially the battery charging image, it’s real cute. I also really want to find a nice leather case for it. Apple has those tubes but I’m not a fan of rubber… besides which, with the slimness of the iPOD Nano the tube would just look and feel stupid.

I also want to dedicate a bit of this entry to Mikey, it was great seeing you again and I sure do hope I can come visit sometime soon. Thanks for some more great memories…

Peter called me last night and nearly gave me a heart attack. False alarm. Nothing for me to worry about. That much. His friends are really near and dear to him. He’s the type of person who is a real hard ass but once you get into that really-well-protected heart of his, he’ll worry himself silly over you and prove himself to be the biggest sweetheart in the world. The phone call last night and the text messages this morning reminded me of why I love him so much… and it’s making me, yeah you guessed it, cry.

I really hope my car is fixed after this weekend.

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