A nation of common sense

It’s funny how much you take for granted, and how much we’re all influenced by our surroundings. I’ve had to make many phone calls to financial institutions being away from home. Most of them have been to banks here in Ireland. Today though, I had to call my bank in Canada because one of my credit cards expired and I had to activate my new one. And I had a question. A question, I should’ve known the answer to or at least could have found the answer to if I read the letter that came with my new card.

But I asked. And the guy wasn’t as rude as he could’ve been, but he was still rude. And after I hung up I realised how much more common sense the Irish have as a nation. They understand that we all have stupid moments. And while they may make fun of you after you hang up, they’ll be polite while they answer your question.

I know, I know… customer service isn’t as great here as it is in North America. But let’s face it. At least, they have the common sense to realise they don’t need to take their shit day out on you when you’re calling for help.

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  1. You should’ve threatened to cancel your card b/c of his bad customer service. That could’ve gotten him in trouble and gotten him scared! lol

  2. I wanted to do that desktop pic thing, but my stupid print screen button never worked 🙁 And I got frustrated eventually… I’m still trying to do it, someday, though!! 🙂 HI!!!

  3. I call it a brain fart. Its happened to me a few times in my life. But most of the customer service reps have been nice enough not to make it so obvious.

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