A Plan

[x] To lose weight and tone up

[x] To finally kick this 8 month cold

[x] To earn enough money to move to Ireland for a year

[x] To see as much of my friends before the summer is over

Those are my goals for this summer. I’ve sort of taken care of Item #3 getting the new serving job at this patio restaurant, but there’s some grey area with my current place of employment. Work at the new place is off to a slow start but I’m really hoping that it will change next weekend when the restaurant actually opens up.

As far as seeing my friends more often, that’ll also have to wait until some more money rolls in. Kicking the cold will have to start with a trip to the doctor I’m afraid… although it’s about time for our yearly meeting anyway. Losing weight and toning up kind of needs to start before the weekend that the patio restaurant opens up because it’s the sort of place where I would probably make more money for looking ‘hotter’. How do I feel about it? Meh… I don’t care as long as it allows me to quit my current job. I’m starting to hate it more and more. I don’t really see the manager that I like enough and the staff are such boobs. They’re boring but they think they’re the shit. They think they work hard… and it may be the hardest that they’ve ever worked… but they don’t even know half the meaning of hardwork.

Anyway… that’s my summer plan. Wish me luck!

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  1. eight month cold? Im glad your going to see the doctor. it is probrably bronchitis. That could get nasty if not treated. Let us know what the results were.

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