A real valentine’s day

This was a great day. Not because I am in an amazing, solid1 relationship with the love of my life, but because my family and I got to spend quality time together. Lately, we’ve tried to have dinner together as a family and though it’s been enjoyable there was still some awkwardness and sometimes even the same old arguments that happen when the kids are too immature.But today at dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant, we shared laughs so good you would swear we had never fought a day in our lives. And it fills me with so much love for my family. And that is why I changed my mind from posting about love today.

I don’t begin to think that after this night, my relationship with my parents will miraculously be perfect (because that would just be boring) but it does make me thankful that I had to come back home. I see now that this is the reason I had to leave Ireland and come back. When I was preparing myself for this return I knew that there was a reason for it; I never saw it as a horrible thing. Sure, it was bad that I would be away form Peter, but I knew there had to be a reason that it was happening.

Of course, in the spirit of what this holiday has become… Mum got us all presents (because that’s what she’s like), but none of us got her any because none of us were able to get to a shop during the day. But she was happy because we were all able to have dinner together. Isn’t she just the greatest Mum?

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  1. ‘te Mae it totally makes sense!! Especially now that I’ve been able to live without them for a while diba?

  2. Thanks for linking me up… and I’ve returned the favor and added you to my sidebar drop-down and links page. 🙂

    Your Mum… very sweet. 🙂 Belated Happy Love Day.

  3. awww… that’s really shweet.

    Alam mo ba, family gets so much better when you’re older. I dunno, to me, I guess that’s when “quality” time together is more precious. Dunno if that makes sense to you.;)

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