Absence makes the heart

Its no secret that I’m in a long distance relationship and while we’re surviving, it hasn’t been easy. The greatest difficulty I’ve personally had to face is finding the balance between doting and being clingy. How do I stay warm1 and be cold enough to remember how to function in my daily life without him? How do you organise a time to talk on the phone or chat online without making it impossible to live your life where you are? How do you stay devoted without becoming a homebody who waits by the phone or computer all day?

It hasn’t been easy and I haven’t found the secret. If I hadn’t been able to see him every few months or so I think I would go crazy or worse yet, forget. Not that I could ever forget him but I’m certain that life would simply get in the way. It doesn’t help that we don’t get to talk often. A five hour difference might not seem like a lot, but its an awkward 5 hours. When I get home from work, he’s in bed. When I get up, he’s at work. During the weekend, when I wake up its the perfect time for him to be doing things. And before he goes to bed, its the perfect time for me to be feeding my social life.

We’re lucky that we have such a great connection that we can always pick up where we left off when we see each other. But I want more, and I hope that these next few months we can talk a little more often that we used to2. Of course, now that we’re talking more often I find myself wanting to speak with him every night!

We hit a bit of a snag late last year. He had just left after his 3 week holiday in August/September, and I was devastated so I buried myself into blogging3. So much so that I stopped replying to his emails on time – and sometimes I didn’t reply at all before he sent me another email. There is no logic involved, but it was as if I was trying to avoid him to avoid feeling hurt.

Thankfully, he called me out on it and snapped me out of it. If he hadn’t done so, and had just let it go it could have well been the end for us. But he cared enough to call me out on it, and I cared enough to listen. As I’ve said, I haven’t figured out the secret but if there is anything I’ve learnt that I would like to pass on to anyone else who is crazy enough to try this long distance thing: You can’t forget how good it feels to hurt. It may hurt but its worth how good it feels when the hurt stops long enough for you to feel how great your love is.

Do you think absence makes the heart grow fonder?

  1. emotionally[]
  2. and so far, so good[]
  3. and the social networking that goes along with it[]

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  1. It was terribly hard on me during the time my husband was in Germany. Like you and your sweetie, his day started as mine ended,and worse, he didn’t have internet access during that month and a half. My social life is limited, so making time to phone him wasn’t as hard, but it did get expensive! I’m truly glad he’s home now and not planning any more long trips!

    I think you are doing a lot of things right in your relationship. I do hope that you guys can get together soon!


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  2. I understand what you go through – organizing the time to talk online.It sometimes take control of my life. I can’t do anything anymore like go outside to do some shopping or whatever.

    But I also think it is okay to be apart sometimes. It truly makes the heart grow ponder. I know that from experience because my husband goes at least 6 times a year for a week of business meetings abroad. When he comes back – it’s really good coz we see how much we’ve missed each other.

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