Absence of Fear by Jewel, a cover by fragileheart

So I’ve mentioned before that I like to sing, so much so that it takes my breath away. When I first mentioned it, many of you said you wanted to hear me sing. I was reluctant because I have been out of practice for a long time. But I’ve been doing a little practising in the car lately1. And I felt a little ready….

So… I grabbed the microphone that I bought a few months2 and just went for it. I got a few people to preview this recording before I decided to post it on the blog but I got some very good feedback so I bit the bullet and uploaded. Some of you have already heard this song after I tweeted it, but I hope you won’t mind listening to it again:

The song is Absence of Fear by Jewel, it is one of my favourite songs by her3. I have a great memory of singing this song at a Team Of Leaders camp that I attended in high school. And like most performances I do outside of Karaoke, it was a capella just like this one. I ask that you bear with my rusty breathing and slightly off-tone in some parts of the song. Its been a long time since I’ve sung and I was actually nervous! To be honest, I thought I could’ve done better… but I didn’t want to put this off any longer either.

I hope you enjoyed this because I’d like to do more covers for the blog. Any feedback on any aspect of this post4 would be greatly appreciated.

Do you like to sing?

  1. I take random drives to a father location of a store just so I can sing[]
  2. I know… for shame![]
  3. it would be a shorter list to tell you which of her songs aren’t my favourite[]
  4. including using or not using houndbite[]

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