I LOVE this show. And now, thanks to a website that shall remain linkless. I can watch all the episodes I want everyday! I only hope that I don’t catch up to the actual shows because then I’ll have to go back to just watching once a week!

Addiction is weird though isn’t it? I mean I’m the type of person that can go my months without something… but then once I get it again, I’ll want it all the time! Like this show. Or alcohol. Or chocolate. Or sex. hehe

What kind of addict are you?

response to “Addiction” 1

  1. I watch my fave TV series online na rin. Mas madali maghintay mag-buff kesa maghintay mag-download ng full episode. 🙂

    Ayaw ko na rin magbigay ng links kasi baka madiscover pa ng etisalat… at matripan i-block. hahaha.

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