Almost over…

I’m really worried about what to do with my last project of the year. I’m beginning to miss my group projects, because at least then if I ran out of ideas I had other resources. When I first met with Terry for my internship, and we had agreed that I would do more of a report/project than an actual management internship we had agreed that it would involve Empathica which is their online comment card/rating survey. We also agreed that I would try to incorporate the concept of the net promoter score and how they can apply it to their company. But then, I also have to include something about how the company can best instill their vision and mission from head office down to their front line employees… And while I can handle all three seperately, I’m finding it difficult to relate all three parts into one report.

Won’t it be a litte lame if I hand him three smaller reports? ugh. It’s stressing me out so much and I’m running out of time. I Have my last exam on December 15th and I wanted to have everything ready before then so that I could kill two birds with one stone and present my report to my professor on that date too but that’s not going to happen now because I still need to meet with Terry for my ‘evaluation’ interview.

I’ve been trying to find a place to stay while I was in Dublin, because Peter is telling me that it might be best if I don’t stay at his parent’s place when he goes back to work (after January 3rd). And it makes sense, since we’re not together anymore it’d be kinda weird if I were to stay at his parents place since it’s not his own place. As in, since we are still friends there’d be nothing wrong with me staying with him if he had his own place. I’ve emailed his bestfriend’s girlfriend, Lisa, asking if I could stay with her but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I’d rather stay in a hotel/hostel/motel but he insists that I sould stay with her since I won’t find a place that’s close to him, that’s cheap enough *and* that’s in a good part of the city. (But couldn’t he give me more help finding a place?) I suppose. (rolls eyes).

We decorated our tree today!! A little late, but it’s been a busy busy year. And I also put up this cute little tree in my room, and my mistletoe. hehe I’ve had those for a few years now, and they’re about the extent that I normally decorate my tiny little room with. (sigh) I miss my apartment… *our* apartment. Ooh! A Disney cartoon was on TV when I came back to my room after decorating and wrapping presents. 😀 had to take a photo… hm… my posts have been awfully heavy with photos lately. (shrug)

Thanks for the lovely feedback on the layout! Do you like the snow I stole from April & DynamicDrive? Fun no? We’ll see if I can keep it on all season!

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  2. Aw, the tree is simply GORGEOUS. Buh ah, here’s a question for you: what exactly is your job… and what are you in school studying? I’m going to rant and rave at you until you make your own bio.

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