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Last Wednesday I made a decision to try out something new. You may have noticed it on my last post listing the 30 things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 30 (it was item number 16). I have started taking Jazz dance at a local dance studio here and I absolutely LOVED it. (It occurred to me to post a link to the website but my spidey senses told me that it would be bad idea. I mean we could all say that I am just being paranoid, but do I really want to risk having a stalker? No, that would just be stupid).

Anyway, I am going for my 2nd class tonight and am hoping that I will be able to follow a little bit better. I used to dance when I was a tween with a group of girls who will always hold a special place in my heart: they took me into their group even though they were all older than me and make me feel like an adult even though I was still such a child.

I am enjoying having to think about what ever part of my body is doing; keeping my posture; making sure your arm is just right; all the while making sure your feet are stepping in all the right places at all the right times. It is exhausting, difficult, and exhilarating. I have noticed I am not as flexible as I once was and my movements seem to be a little more awkward than I remember it but I used to dance well once and I am positive that I can get it back, with practice.

Another great thing about continuing with dance is that it will actually help my ability to multi-task. I haven not been very good at doing different things with different limbs (playing piano, guitar, drums – any musical instrument really) but I have a feeling that if I keep doing this it will train some part of my subconscious and help it become better. And multi-tasking is so important for what I want to do career-wise.

Do you enjoy dance? (Watching or participating)

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  1. Oh I can”t dance at all, but it seems fab! I”m glad you”ve started doing something that you”re loving. I bet dance is a perfect way to stay in shape and feel good about yourself. I like your new theme too – it reminds me of summer and I definitely need to be reminded of that!
    .-= Penny´s last blog ..Is It Right to Work On Your Own Happiness Before Others’? =-.

  2. I love watching dance, but I can”t dance at all! I love trying new things though, it”s the best achieving something new!?

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