And we’re back in business…

My host was having some database problems which resulted in my site being down. Sure I was deprived of some well needed release but I’m okay with it.

Peter was on holidays in Italy last week. Skiing first, and then to Rome to watch the RBS Six Nations Rugby match where Ireland pummeled Italy 51-24. It was a great win, but soon followed by disappointment. St. Patrick’s day in Ireland was pretty wild, but I was in bed as early as 11:00 p.m. considering I had been drinking for 10 hours straight. And even though I was able to do it the weekend before, there was no house party on the Friday night the weekend before.

Anyway, he came back with a pretty little pink pressie for me and the best hug in the world – and even better he was home in one piece. You see, he went with about 30 of his school mates who just happen to be his ex1 rugby team mates. Need I say more? I was worried that the mob mentality would take over and he’d try some ‘cool’ trick on the skis or snowboard and end up breaking his leg or worse yet, paralyzing himself (touch wood).

Like I said, he came back in one piece to pick me up the very night his flight came in. We stayed up watching a bit of TV. The next day was even better… spending the entire day together just to spend it together. Sure I had to watch a football (soccer) match, but I don’t mind once in a while. And besides which, I only ever watch sports when they’re important (world cup, super bowl, you get the gist).2

So anyway… what have I been busy doing while I was away. Not much. Falling in love with the same man all over again. Oh and trying to figure out how I’m going to earn more money. D’oh.

  1. and some still[]
  2. There is of course one exception: Irish Rugby. I LOVES Irish Rugby![]