Anniversaries, Chinese food & a mini contest

Tomorrow, my parents are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. We’re going to lunch at our favourite Chinese Restaurant, New Ho King to celebrate their anniversary. Its become quite the tradition to eat there for every special occasion that comes our family’s way. It was originally introduced to me by the one and only1. One I shared it with my parents and brother, they quickly fell in love with it too2.

There are so many great things about it but most important is the quality of food you are served. We’re half Chinese so I like to think that we know our way our Chinese food, even if most of our cooking is primarily Filipino. Next on the list the amazing value for money – most places in Toronto/GTA3 that serve Chinese food of the same quality like to reach real deep into your pockets and leave you feeling violated. But not New Ho King; we often order extra so we have some to take home and we still manage to spend under $100. For a family of four with a growing boy, that’s a great deal for a night out.

But of course, this isn’t a review of the restaurant – I just wanted to sneak that in. My parents anniversary has always surprised me in the sense that I forget to set aside money for their present! Its exactly a month after my birthday and in the heart of when I’m thinking about Christmas shopping. For their silver4 wedding anniversary, I got them a really cool present and I have never been able to do anything similar since. I wish I could wow them with a present like that every year, but alas it just isn’t to be.

I hope I have the same relationship my parents have if I ever get married. If there was one thing they taught me, its unconditional love. Its a real wonder I was so skeptical of marriage5 considering my parents have a really solid, loving and loyal marriage.

Anywho… I’d like to run a little contest. Find the post where I talk about what I got my parents for their silver anniversary, and tell me in the comments6 an email to reggysy at yahoo dot ca what the present was (you don’t need to link to the post) and the first 10 people will get 100 ec credits each. If you’re not a member of EC then I will give you some do-follow link love on my next post instead.

Contest ends when my next post goes up (Monday, Dec 8 – 1:30am EST).

  1. man who has my heart[]
  2. though I doubt they’d describe it that way[]
  3. Greater Toronto Area[]
  4. 25th[]
  5. and still am a little bit[]
  6. Ken made me realise this was a bad idea LOL Don’t worry Ken, that was more my fault than yours[]

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  1. Aw my brother is turning 20 a week before Christmas. He eats SO much too hehe. I see what you mean about your parents. Mine were married for a few years before I came along, but to be honest a lot of my friends’ parents have split up which is very sad.

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  2. @trench: Thanks! I greeted my parents for you and they were like, ‘cool, a person from Guam wished us?’ LOL

    p.s. OMG I want your snow!!

    @Ken: Thanks, I really don’t think I’m all that great. More like making up for horrible teen angst LOL

    @Yevka: Thanks Eves, When are you coming back to blogging? I miss reading your rambles. I know, I wish I could see you again this Christmas. Last Christmas was very different for me, but it was really good 🙂

    @Penny: Its funny, I don’t look at it as that long because most people I know have parents who have been married for years and years longer than they’ve been alive whereas my parents’ marriage is only a year older than I am! My brother is 20, turning 21 on Christmas Eve! Don’t worry about not getting them anything – They know you love them! Spending time with them is what’s most important to them so the dinner was more then enough I’d say.

    @Debbie: Hehe I gave you link love anyway you wonderful woman you.

    @Erica: Thanks 🙂 and thanks for the insight into the Dutch tradition!

    @Haley: Thanks! I’m trying… and trying to make up for lost time hehe

  3. Haha yeah I can see the answer above! But I still went to the post and had a look anyway… what lovely photos! And what a great gift. It was my parent’s 25th this year and I didn’t really get them anything. TERRIBLE! But we went out for a lovely meal. It’s great to have parents who have been together for so long. Congratulations to yours! How old is your brother??

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  4. hey reg. happy anniv to them. 🙂 i miss you loads and i can’t believe i haven’t been here lately. looks like lots of things have been happening with you. lapit na pasko…. last year kayo kasama ko… i’ll never forget that…

  5. That’s silly of me, everyone can see my answer now, rub it out as soon as you can Reggie, I won’t mind, I must have done it wrong.

    ‘Still a great daughter though 🙂

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