…everything is right as daisies.

Rollercoaster ride.

There is no other phrase to describe it. And I guess that’s what I love about our relationship, but the problem is I don’t think he sees the ‘downs’ the same way as I do. I don’t mean I want there to be ‘downs’ but, I see them as learning experiences and I honestly think that things have gotten a lot better between us over the years because of them.

But to him, every little thing indicates that nothing has changed – even if the last time something happened was months ago. But of course the little things aren’t brought up, until he’s fed up. And at that point, I’ve lost the battle I didn’t even know I was in. All he knows is how he feels, but can’t remember instances to give me as examples and I can’t even defend myself or at least offer an explanation for my actions.

Anyway, I didn’t intend on writing about all that… I wanted to write about how great he was my last night in Ireland. But I guess I still can’t shake what happened the other night. I’ll get over it. And maybe… with this entry, I just have. Or so I hope.

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  1. Sorry April! Flew back home for a holiday this past Wednesday and had a wedding to go to this weekend – so I was extremely busy to say the least! Only a few minutes of internet browsing… 🙂 Will be able to read more now that I’m on holidays. That’s the plan anyway!

  2. Oh boy. Hope is something he needs for you right now. Say… where u been? No commenting on my site? Boo-hoo.

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