At least this year it came *after* my birthday…

There’s only one thing worse than being sick. And that’s being snacky sick. Where, you’re too tired (or get too woosie) to go about your day normally… so you sit, relax and watch TV but you just…. can’t. *stop*. snacking! I haven’t been snacking on super stupid stuff though. Thank goodness! I’ve managed to stick to fruit and unsalted crackers.

I was supposed to be at school today, conducting a photo shoot for the Faces of Our Future 2006 Publication. It’s a publication that our program produces and is pretty much used as a selling tool of our graduates. We don’t have statistical proof that the book works, but we have word of mouth proof that industry professionals greatly appreciate the existence of the book – and that’s enough for us. This is my first time on any sort of publication committee. I’ve always been the one organizing events and etc; never been one to be on the yearbook committee or anything you know? So far so good. We have a great team and it’s thanks to them I was able to step out from the event today and stay home and sleep. I got back to bed at 11AM. I didn’t wake up till 5PM.

I’ve planned on getting my flu shot this Friday. Hopefully it’s not too late for me. lol.

Ugh. I have to work tomorrow. I hate getting to that place after I haven’t been there for a week. See, I only work Thursdays, some Friday nights, Saturday Nights and some Sunday Mornings. Animosity is starting to creep up because this guy, Brigham, is really great and we get along and he pays attention to me. Obviously, his girlfriend doesn’t like it. She works there occasionally. I didn’t know they were dating until one day we all went to the Frog and the Firkin. I’m trying my best to ignore it and just act normal, basically pretending that I don’t know what’s going on.

Alexander* was in town. He came out for my birthday celebration on Saturday. I saw him for a little bit last night. It was awkward. At least for me. He sensed it. I don’t know what to do about it really. I don’t want to lose him as a friend. But. How much did I really have him as a friend to begin with? Bah.

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  1. Of course my treat!! haha except I don’t know if you’d really want to sit and snack with my sick self… haha. But you’d always be welcome to snack with me!!

  2. Im like that everyday! I snack like crazy… I think its because I workout so hard at the gym that my body constantly needs fuel! ENJOY! wish I could sit with you and snack all day! YOUR TREAT RIGHT? haha

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