Awesome Greyson

Last night, after making my Thai Green Curry Shrimp & Tofu delicious-ness-for-dinner. I searched through Rogers’ Guide for something entertaining to watch. There wasn’t much on but the last half of Ellen1. There was a kid, the kid above obviously, who seemed normal enough until he performed the very song in the above video. His voice, his piano skills… God I wanted to cry2. I don’t have much more to say except that I can’t wait to hear more of his original music.

I have mixed feelings about the fact that Ellen created her own music label to produce his album alone but maybe it’ll work out to be something great.

What do you think of Greyson Chance?

  1. I can only assume it was a rerun of the one that ran earlier today but really, I’d just be ASSuming so[]
  2. err, I may have shed A tear[]

response to “Awesome Greyson” 1

  1. A truly touching performance from such a young man, although I’m not usually a fan of Ellen I admire what she’s done in giving him a chance. She obviously believes in him to go to such lengths to make sure everyone can witness his amazing talent.

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