Baby, it’s cold outside…

It snowed for two days, and there’s a *lot* of snow outside. BrRrR. What a time for my car to break down. I’ll be commuting tomorrow. The subway isn’t bad. It’s the bus I hate. Oh well. It’ll give me more chance to walk – lord knows I need the exercise! I’ve had the past three days off, and I’ve done nothing but stay home. I mean yeah, I’ve re-organized my storage boxes downstairs, wrapped 70% of my Christmas presents, cleaned out and organized my domain, wrote all my Christmas cards and did *some* research for my report. Still haven’t started my report though. But my Mum was able to get me a copy of SPSS so that I can properly analyze the results of the survey that I did at work.

Speaking of work… to answer a few of April’s questions (there is more info… but it’s on my portfolio)… I’m a hostess at the moment. A deliberate step-down for me. I’m studying Hospitality and Tourism Management… We’re in Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Casinos, etc. But I prefer the Food & Beverage aspect of the industry. It’s a great program because I get a Bachelor of Commerce in the end!

So I’m almost done my Christmas shopping. I’ve bought for mostly everybody and only have a couple of people to shop for… items on the list include:
– 4pc. Chocolate Box from Godiva x2
Molson 3 stars gift pack
– Famous Players Holiday Gift Pack
– Tim Horton’s Coffee
– A donation
– And my brother’s presents (I know what they are, I just can’t post them here… know what I mean?)

And I just have to bake cookies and make two gift packs and I’ll be done! I can’t believe that Christmas is 10 days away (well, 10 days and 1/2 an hour). I think I need to consider giving my work more availability next semester though… especially if I’m planning on moving country next year.

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