Bartending bore

I’m so glad that we don’t have bartending classes next week because of May Two Four weekend, also known as Victoria Day weekend. Not to mention that today was a nice calming day after the hectic weekend I’ve had. Bartending class was pretty boring though, we’re pretty much just going over drinks which I pretty much know how to make anyway… Only two more classes and I’ll have my bartending certificate.

I spent my evening cleaning my room. Just tidying up my desk area and bedside table… I also brought down some of my books from this past semester that I will sort into my boxes and filing cabinet at a later date. I can’t wait for our Yard Sale in two weeks… there are a lot of things I would like to get rid of just to get rid of them. Sure I can give them away to goodwill, but we’re going to hold the yard sale first and the rest we’ll give away to goodwill. Either way we’re not keeping anything that gets put on sale. I’m sure that there are those that are worse off than us, but we still don’t feel we can afford to just give all this stuff away so… yeah.

Does anyone have any advice for us??

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  1. Try the yard sale. When I moved out of my condo I sold almost everything via EBAY! have you tried the auctions there? I made around $5000!

  2. I think that’s a good thing you’re doing! Kris and I should have a yard sale!! Thanks for the idea. 😀

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