Better… for me anyway

I was so ready to freeze him out this weekend and go however long it would take to make him realise that I really meant it this time. But he already knew. And it’s made for a pretty good weekend. And to top it all off, we had gorgeous sunshine and clear blue skies all day today. And if that weren’t enough our new mattresses came which means my back won’t be sore from springs sticking into it anymore! yippee!

Celeb-BODvFrance Of course one sad bit of news this weekend to balance it all out… Ireland managed to get a terrible ass-whoopin’ from France yesterday in their 2nd last pool D match. The match ended at 25-3 for the host team, and puts France at the top of the Pool which means that Ireland not only have to beat Argentina next week, but they need to get a bonus point by scoring 4 tries. And even then, it only means they go on to play the New Zealand All Blacks. And they are scary!

France do still have to play Georgia next Sunday, but there isn’t really any chance that Georgia are going to beat them. The most that France can get is 5 points which will bring them to the top of the Pool as Argentina are currently sitting on 14 points after beating Namibia 63-3 today. If Ireland beats Argentina (currently a very big IF), they’ll tie Argentina at 14 points. But even then… argh. I know this is a slightly boring post, but I’m more doing it to try and work out how much ‘hope’ I should really put into next week.

Of course, I will still be supporting them 100% but it’s hard to ignore the stats… *sigh* Good luck Ireland!!

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