Bill Gates, what are you not telling us?

We all know I’m a geek, and this feeds my geeky hunger to the max. I found this on the other day and thought it would just like the geek in me to share it with you. And you’re just going to have to try these out to believe them! I did tweak the instructions a little, but it’s still not my creation so please do visit the original post from

  1. The mystery folder.
    What to do: Create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer and name it CON.
  2. Notepad knows something you don’t.
    What to do: Open notepad. Type, “Bush hid the facts” (minus the quotes). Close & save the file as anything you want. Re-open the file… what do you see?
  3. Microsoft Word on steriods.
    What to do: Open Microsoft Word. Type, “=rand (200, 99)” (minus the quotes) and press enter. Freaky… no?

According to MerDurian Microsoft hasn’t offered any explainations for why these things occur. So I just want to know… what is Bill Gates not telling us?

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  1. Awh that’s not as cool as I thought it was going to be… thanks though Michael!!

  2. Jillian, as a former computer nerd (this is different than a geek) myself, I know that there are people out there who just try and figure these things out because they want to prove how smart they are. lol

    Monique, I’m all about my conspiracy theories… hehe Easter Eggs eh? Guess it’s fitting I posted it the day before Easter then!

    Michael, damn… I wish I knew what those other ones were… these were fun!

  3. I first saw this on a Korean entertainment show several months ago. I believe there are more of those. I think there’s one about 911, too.

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  4. They are known thingies… usually called Easter eggs. I think most developers do it to be funny.

    I love how you are like “what is Bill Gates not telling us” LOL.

    Monique’s last blog post..If You Aren’t A Whore Then When Else Would You Call It???

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