But what else?

I hate to sound like a spoilt child. But something’s missing. I have no motivation.

I’ve gained weight, and any muscles I used to have… have turned to fat. But I can’t bring myself to exercise. I don’t go in to work with the goal of doing the best I can. All I want to do is sleep. I’ve no motivation to keep in touch with the few friends I’ve made here…

Things are going really well with him. It’s gotten so good, we spent the last four days together and did not have a single argument. Not-a-one. And we had plenty of laughs, and amazing sex (as usual). Of course this is good news… in fact it’s fantastic news.

But if the mistakes I’ve made in my life have taught me anything, it’s that Love isn’t enough – I need to be centred again. But why can’t I motivate myself to get all other areas of my life in order?

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  1. Greggy, I hardly think that will motivate me. I think this dead end job is doing a lot of damage. Creatively and mentally.

  2. Glad you feel that way about marriage Reggy… after all why would that boy really buy the cow when the milk is free? Aside from the onset of acute laziness I hope your moving toward a beautiful Irish Summer .-)

  3. Hey Reg. At the end of the day, no one can motivate yourself but yourself. Set some goals, post up some photos on the wall of how you used to look and how you look now. There are a ton of ways to get yourself motivated.

    When I finally saw the before and now photos, I almost had a heart attack. I immediately started back up to full speed in the gym and the photos of my progress keep me motivated.

    What motivates you?

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