Canadian Music Festival 2011

If you’ve been reading my blog for at least a year, you’ll know that this time last year was not an easy time for me1. While last year was significantly more difficult2 I am finding myself experiencing some tough emotions. Enter Canadian Music Festival 2011. I am lucky enough to have been able to volunteer as a Stage Manager for them last year and apparently I impressed enough to be given the same position this year.

The Piston is a cute little bar a few doors down from Long & McQuade3 that has been open for a year4 where the sound is amazing and the food is drool-worthy. As far as I could tell the service is relaxed but efficient and it’s cozy as heck. But I digress.

Being a stage manager for a large festival like Canadian Music Week can be a really hard job if you aren’t on top of things but it is so rewarding. As I sat at the back of the Piston’s back room last night listening to artists who are talented and passionate, I can’t help but remember how lucky I am.

It doesn’t matter that there are some things in my life that make my heart hurt as long as I have this experience. That is exactly how I felt and will feel for the entire duration of the convention and festival – at least until I leave any of the venues where I get to hear the amazingness. But even if it doesn’t last for the entire day, it still lifts me up and that is why I say that Canadian Music Week has saved my life this year like it did for me last year.

So, if you like music in general and aren’t afraid of expanding your horizons – check out some of the awesome5 showcases playing at 55 venues across the city. For further details, check out the Canadian Music Festival website and schedule.

And if you really can’t decide what to see, just come see me at the Piston tonight and Saturday night. Ten Dollars gets you 5 amazing bands in one night. Tonight’s showcase starts at 8:30pm6, and Saturday’s starts at 9pm7.

What are you waiting for? 😉

  1. surprise, surprise we’ve come full circle[]
  2. Hey look! Progress![]
  3. Bloor & Ossington[]
  4. give or take some period of time that I am unclear on[]
  5. 800[]
  6. Doors open at 8pm[]
  7. Doors at 8:30pm[]

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