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English Pronunciation 5

Katia Millar posted a link to this article on facebook and I just had to try it out but it wouldn’t be any fun if there were no witnesses. Listen to Reggy reading “English Pronunciation” by G. Nolst Trenité Just in case you’d rather read the words off my blog, here you are: Dearest creature in creation, Study English pronunciation. I will teach you in my verse Sounds like […]


For the love of pictures: 500px

I have been a flickr pro-member for six years and never thought I would ever talk about another photography site. However, when I found out that 500px was born right here in Toronto it was pretty easy to jump ship. I still love flickr but I’m going to rooting for 500 px just that much harder. Things I like about 500 px? The sleek design; the square, 230x230px thumbnails; […]

Thought stream 2

With my current, ever-growing involvement in the Twitterverse, I’ve been finding it difficult to finish a blog post. Part of this is due to the fact that I’m still observing things and getting a feel for it before I form my opinions. First impressions are that this is a great addition to my life but I do see some hurdles. Another reason is because some of the stuff I […]

Flickr Friday: Discover 6

If there’s one thing I love about travelling, it’s discovering the little places. This photo from my last trip to New York City is one of my favourite… I loved daBhang Cafe; we went there after a get together at someone’s house mostly just for a change of scene1. There wasn’t anything that special about the place, but it’s still one of my favourite memories from that trip. Later […]