Flickr Friday: The end is near

Sun, lake and broken trees

No silly, not the end of the world. But the end of summer, anyway. This photo was taken in the summer of 2006, a few days before I was leaving my parents to follow my heart1. There’s an area in Toronto called Leslie Pitt, and it’s where my parents like to go cycling. They used to go cycling every weekend before my Mum had an operation on her knee. As a ‘you’re leaving us soon’ favour to my Dad I agreed to go with them. Naturally, I had the time of my life as I got to enjoy a beautiful area and go to take beautiful photos like this. There are many more in this set, but I didn’t upload all of them to flickr because they featured close ups of my parents.

I like this photo not just because it’s a nice sunset picture, but because it’ll forever remind me of that first summer I realised that I actually enjoy spending time with my parents. I think maybe this was one of the first days that we did something as three adults and it may have forever shaped the way our relationship developed once I returned home from living abroad.

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? When did you first realise you liked them as people, and not just as your parents?

  1. evidently, my heart was in Ireland[]

Flickr Friday: Serine and the Collar


I had a different picture initially picked out for today’s Flickr Friday, but I had popped by my parent’s house yesterday1 and I saw her for a few minutes and I missed her so that I decided I would post up this picture for your enjoyment, and mine.

This photo was taken close to when I was leaving to move to Ireland in July 2006. I had gotten a new camera, and was clicking like crazy. I got my beautiful little girl, in 2003 when I was still working at Ikea and my co-worker told me that his friend’s cat just gave birth to some kittens. He proceeded to tell me that his friend also said that if he doesn’t find adopters for these cats he’ll feed them his snakes as he already has 3 cats and can’t take care of 5 more. Needless to say I went to the friend’s house that night!

I walked in and there were two black cats and one white cat lounging around near the front door. Suddenly, I saw a grey blur whiz by us. Obvsiouly, I fell in love instantly with said blur. We chased her around the house for almost an hour before we caught her and I was able to bring her home in her little basket. I don’t have photos of her when she was younger up on flickr yet but they’ll get up there eventually. There’s more to Serine’s story but I’ll save that for another Flickr Friday.

I’m sure you all have pets, how did you fall in love with them?

  1. we‘re staying in an apartment while he’s here on holidays remember?[]

New Addition: Flickr Friday

Westport Sunset

Introduction: I’ve been racking my brain for a good way to showcase the photos I have on flickr on here for a long time now, and it finally came to me during a conversation on EC with Mike @ Celtophelia. I also found out the title is already being used so I feel I have to link Allan here, even if it’s not necessarily an entry into that Meme. I’d also like to link to Saki, since she also does the Meme. I would also like to say that I’m pretty sure this is subconsiously inspired by Rachel‘s blog post format.

Flickr Friday is about choosing one of my favourite photos every friday and telling you why it’s my favourite. From what I can tell of the Flickr Friday Meme that’s on other blogs are not limited to photos you’ve taken yourself. They showcase any photo on flickr1 that the blogger likes. Because mine is slightly different I thought I would go ahead with it anyway.

This photograph: This is one of my favourite2 photographs from Ireland. It was taken during my 2nd visit to Ireland; New Year’s day 2006. We were on the west coast and it was a very cold day. The two week vacation was a little inappropriate, and awkward. But I think it was a great turning point in our relationship. I think it was during this vacation that I realised that I was going to love him no matter what, whether he felt the same way about me or not. This sunset perfectly displayed all the emotions I was feeling that New Year’s day. And that is why I love it.

What do you think?

  1. that’s CC licensed of course[]
  2. I’m hoping to not have to say this once I do a few of these posts[]

Who has time to hand wash every week? I don’t!

Bra saver While I was living in Ireland, it was difficult for me to take the time to hand wash my delicate items such as my bras, panties, nylons, and even hand wash-only tops and skirts. But it was also really expensive to take things to the cleaners everytime I needed to get them clean. So I used a wonderful invention like the bra saver (made by woolite) to wash all my delicates. Unfortunately, I only had one while I was there so it meant I had to either cram them in or I had to wash more loads. But I rarely washed more loads because I felt bad enough that we used the dishwasher so often!

What is this? Anyway… about a week before I was moving out of Ireland the zipper on my bra saver broke. Naturally, when I came back home I went back to Home Outfitters where I purchased my first one, and tried to buy some more. No cigar. So, I emailed Woolite and asked if they would be able to sell me and ship it to me since I would be willing to purchase at least 5 (or 10 if necessary). But they said that they had actually discontinued the production of the item because they weren’t that popular. Needless to say, I was devastated!

Yes, I know there are other delicates washbags available out there but the woolite ones are the only ones that are made out of a thick enough material that it actually does protect your delicates. In fact, there is the pink one in the first picture that I bought from Sears but I don’t know how good it actually is. Plus, it only has one compartment. The woolite one allows you to wash two bras in one bag! Anyway, when I got to the Real Canadian Superstore today to buy some garlic bread to go with the Spaghetti that Mum was making for dinner and I saw that they had the bra savers I splurged and got four(!). Plus, I took the opportunity to buy some of their regular wash bags because it seems to be made from the same thick material that the bra saver is made from. What’s the third item in the picture? Scorch protectors! Whenever I try and iron my dress pants or shirts, I tend to get scorch marks especially around the collar and it looks awful… so i bought 3 of those too! Who’s a sucker? I am!