Feels for Deedee

Okay, so it was done by a bank who filmed and produced this video for publicity but I still cried when I watched the video. Many of us have had to go through a tough loss1, and it would be so easy to want to give up and let it all go to waste. It takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up, and to want to be an example for other people. She may not have been doing anything remarkable, in the grand scheme of things, but I totally think she deserves this kind of joy. Let’s face it, we all do.

Originally found over on Pay It Forward, watch Deedee from New Hampshire get all that she deserves2:

What have you done for someone else lately?

  1. in one way or another[]
  2. and so much more![]

Missing Person: Found


We see these postings far too often; some young thing goes missing, their loved ones are devastated and we all fear the worst. And also too often, the news reports the worst outcomes: the body of that missing person we just heard about was found1 but sometimes the authorities find the missing person safe2.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.49.22

I know the bad outcomes outnumber the good, and I’m not trying to pretend that the bad outcomes don’t exist. I just don’t want to forget about the good times. I want to maintain my faith in humanity.

Have a great day!

  1. case in point: three year old Elijah Marsh[]
  2. perhaps not sound, but at least they are safe[]

We’re all weird & wonderful, but there can only be one winner

Aren’t contests fun? I think so. I enter a lot of contests, sometimes I get so excited about the prize that forget to check to see if I’m available for the event but I’m trying to do better1. I seem to win quite often; I’m so thankful for that2 and I’m even happier than I finally got my chance to share some of the excitement that are giveaway contests on the blog.

Oh shut up already, Reggy. Tell us who won!

Okay then. There were a lot of entries but as you all know, there is only one gift basket. Punchtab was a great tool to use for this giveaway. I didn’t have to download the data onto a spreadsheet and use random.org. All I had to do has hit one tiny little grey3 button…

Punchtab screenshot

Punchtab screenshot

And according to the above screenshot, the winner is Lauren Simmons!

Congratulations Lauren! You guys should tweet her and maybe she’ll share her Crystal Light with you.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I hope that at the very least you had a little fun thinking about what makes you weird & wonderful. Stay hydrated, friends!

  1. all you can do is try, right?[]
  2. knock on proverbial wood[]
  3. it was actually purple but I left my mouse cursor on it when I took the screenshot… oops[]

I’m weird and wonderful, aren’t you?

We are all unique. There is only one of you1 but I’m sure there are a myriad of things that you’d have in common with many other people. At least I felt that way when I set out on the task of figuring out what makes me unique. Before it became too daunting of a task2, I reminded myself that life is supposed to be fun3.

What I came up with were three things that I absolutely love; things that I thought I maybe loved more than all the people4: Cycling, Sundresses and Music. I could only pick three or this would have been a much larger list but I’d like to think they sum me up quite well!

Crystal Light has made this summer easier and tastier by introducing their new line of Liquid Drink Mixes with fun names like Iced Tease Me, Strawberry Lemonbabe5, Blueberry Razz & Mango Passionate6. They come in an easy squeeze bottle and you can choose to either shake or stir once you’re done squeezing7. Each tiny bottle gets you about 24x 250ml drinks depending on how strong you like your drinks.

To celebrate these new flavours, they’re also celebrating all the things that make each of us unique. Whether it’s a quirky interest, an unusual hobby, or an activity you love – it’s wonderful, because it’s what makes you, you8! Make your drink as unique as you are with Crystal Light Canada; are your ready? Because we want to send an uber-awesome gift basket to one lucky person in the Greater Toronto Area containing some stuff that made me squeal9… such as:

  • 1x Basil Memories Bottle [Bike] Basket
  • 1x MEC Bicycle Frame Bag
  • 1x pair MEC Cycling Gloves
  • 1x MEC Universal Cycling Mini Bell
  • 1x MEC Turbo Turtle White LED Front Light
  • 1x $100 Shop Gift Card (valid at all Cadillac Fairview properties)
  • 1x $50 iTunes Gift Card
  • A year’s supply of tasty, tasty Crystal Light Liquid10

Crystal Light Liquid Gift Basket

To enter, just play along with the widget below. The more social media sexiness you perform, the higher your chances of winning11! I’ll be choosing a winner at random on Tuesday, July 23rd. That’s a whole week to get ‘er done!

Don’t want to enter the contest but want your own video? Go to the Crystal Light Facebook page, like the page and then tell them:

What makes you weird & wonderful?

  1. unless you have figured out how to clone yourself, in which case – gimme![]
  2. for someone who hates to toot her own horn[]
  3. it really is that easy[]
  4. not really, I am just being hip and using that particular phrase that all the cool kids use because I am cool too[]
  5. giggle[]
  6. my absolute favourite flavour[]
  7. who doesn’t like a little squeeze every now and then?[]
  8. damn straight[]
  9. squee to be precise[]
  10. so freaking good[]
  11. I am sure you figured that out but humour me[]