Oh Canada!

I love this country. I love Toronto the most. This is largely due to the fact that it’s the only city in this country that I’ve lived with but I don’t doubt that my love for Toronto will grow as I explore this great country, which I hope to do starting very soon.

My family and I moved here in 1997 from Dubai and we haven’t looked back. Sure things went a bit sour after the first year, but that’s all in the past. We used to go camping at the beach in Dubai, which admittedly was pretty damn awesome, but camping in the gorgeous wildnerness that exists in Canada is pretty unbeatable as well.

I was happy but mostly indifferent about living here for the first 10 years we lived here. It wasn’t until I moved back from living in Dublin that I fell in love with this city. Something about the possibility of greatness that’s in the air; the hope, the love, the acceptance that is just wafting in the air1. Whatever it is, I love this city and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.. except that my nomadic genes have been itchy for the last 6 months. But I digress.

I love that I can wake up on any given day and have so many choices as to what to do that day and no matter what I choose, I will have fun. Not just because the choice is mine, but because the people of this city are fun-loving despite what the negative nancies out there will try to tell you.

As we finish packing for our 3rd annual family camping trip, I want to wish you all a very Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride!!

Have I mentioned that I love that both of those are celebrated over the same long weekend? Boss!

What are you doing this Proud Canada Day Long Weekend?

  1. maybe it’s just weed[]

I might as well milk it

I doubt I’ll get a chance to be featured in BlogTO’s Street Style again in my life time so I thought I’m scrapbooking here for my future self’s viewing pleasure.

I woke up feeling pretty sick that day and then had to work a few hours of retail before I went to the Bacardi party. They were celebrating 150 years of making rum with a 1920′s prohibition-style party. The bartenders and servers were dressed like gangster of yesteryear1.

Paul was lovely and made me laugh quite a bit throughout the night. He gave great direction too; I wonder what happened to the photo with the teeth-smile; I could have sworn he said he liked it better. Zah-well.

I’d like to thank my wife Christine for taking me as her plus one. If it weren’t for you Chrissy, I wouldn’t even have been there. She’s the bombshell in the photo on the right in case you didn’t know who she was2.

If anyone really wants to know about my outfit, I’ll tell you but it isn’t that impressive3. ;)

One of my favourite photos from the night though? See below!

In case you don’t know who the hot guy on the right is, that’s Julio Reyes.

  1. and looking pretty damn fine to boot[]
  2. as if[]
  3. I’m a bargain hunter[]

New Year, New Who?

As yet another year is coming to a close1 and the countdowns are starting to rise2 I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. As I have been doing for the last six months of life. I’ve been through so much in the last little while that I don’t even know where to begin. Everytime I go for a run I think of about a dozen blog posts that I would love to write about once I sit in front of my computer and start typing; I lose my conviction about three-quarters of the way through.

I know exactly why and yet I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix it; other than in fact: fixing the problems that I want to write about. In some way this change is for the better: I no longer simply complain about my problems, I actually do something about it. Not so good for the life of this journal, but great for me on a larger scale3.

Ryan Nus, friend and fellow blogger4 indirectly wrote about my problem really well in his latest blog post titled, Resolve to be Fearless. There are a lot of reasons I’ve been afraid to say what I want to say and I may never finish and publish those blog posts but I’m okay with it. Partially because a lot of what would have been relevant in the writing is in the past and who likes digging that up for no good reason?

I’m not making any further resolutions this year. I’ve taken a mancation5 and it has helped me really evaluate what it is I want out of a partner. I’ve had time to figure out what I want out of my career. There are no quick ways of getting either but I don’t care. I have faith that things will work out the way I want it to. Not only because I have back-up plans/dreams but because I don’t feel like I have anything to lose – and when you feel like you’ve got nothing to lose, you’re not going to stop until you get what you want. Right, Ryan?

What are you thinking about as 2011 comes to a close? What are you looking forward to the most in 2012?

  1. it’s getting old at this point, to be honest[]
  2. bad pun completely intended[]
  3. or is it?[]
  4. much more prolific than I have been of late[]
  5. a vacation from men[]

Merry Christmas!

someecards.com - Happy holidays from someone using environmental friendliness as an excuse for being too cheap and lazy to send a real card
Disclaimer: I’m neither of these things, I’m poor and broke ;)

There is something about wishing someone well that lifts up my soul. This Christmas when I find myself with not much else to offer I started sending some verbal and written love to people and I found myself smiling all the same as if I had been able to give everyone presents like I would have wanted to.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Holiday season and continue to have a happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating. I am with family and am having a happy Christmas1.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukkah!
Happy Holidays!

Just be happy, hokay? LOVE!

  1. and proof that you can be happy without a job nor a boyfriend[]

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

This year could have gone much worse than it did but I’m not going to lie and say that I never once thought to myself, “This sucks”. I’m human, of course I thought that. But maybe I was taking things for granted even when I thought I wasn’t.

Two years ago, after my five year relationship with a man I thought was ‘my one’ ended, I signed up for a consumer proposal. A consumer proposal is when you sk your creditors (through a Trustee) to waive a percentage of your debt. My debt wasn’t large1 but I was fed up of the cycle of paying my minimum balance only to need to use the credit I had just earned for things that I thought I needed. When you’re in a consumer proposal your credit rating is reduced to the same as it would be if you had declared bankruptcy2. After the 5 years are up, your credit rating rises two points3 during which you can apply for credit cards and slowly build your credit rating back up.

And so for the last two years I’ve been living without a credit card and it has been a fantastic4 and educational5 ride. But even though I’ve experienced small bouts of unemployment in the last year and a half, I’m so grateful that I signed up for the program. My bills are far lower than they would have been had I kept the credit cards6.

Even though my family and I haven’t been able to get wrapped up7 in the craziness of the season: buying gifts, hiding it from each other, wrapping it on the DL (you get the gist), I find myself looking forward to spending Christmas & Eve with them – probably playing board games and listening to Christmas music8.

Sure it would have been nice to drive down to Chicago to meet up with our family friends who will be down there, but spending time at home will be just as nice. I just think it’d be even nicer if it were all white outside when we do. So I’m dreaming of a white Christmas9

Are you?

  1. it was under $20k[]
  2. An R9[]
  3. to an R7[]
  4. not[]
  5. def[]
  6. only because I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep my balance low enough so as not to have such high monthly minimum payments[]
  7. no pun intended[]
  8. or maybe, hopefully ice skating in Nathan Philips Square[]
  9. and no, I don’t even care about the presents. I just want your presence[]
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