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Special thoughts for a special lady on this, her special day

[Pardon the cheese in the title; there just had to be some]. My dearest Mother, I think about how mean I was to you as a teenager and I’m filled with guilt. You never once made me feel like less of a human being, nor less of a daughter for acting out. You’ll say that it was your duty as a mother but others would say that it makes […]

Mum & Dad at Christmas 2012

In Memory September 11 2001

Like it was yesterday

I can’t believe it has been 12 years since the day that we all call 9/11 happened. I remember being woken up by my boyfriend at the time1, and being slightly upset with him. I was trying to sleep in because I had just flown in the night before from visiting Jackie in L.A. I had been there for three weeks and the flight was almost delayed to the […]

Wanderlust, a fundraiser for FINCA

UPDATE: Sadly, this event has been postponed. Hopefully it will be back up & running soon. Wanderlust has to be one of my favourite English words. So when I first heard about a fundraiser of the same name for FINCA, which stands for Foundation for International Community Assistance, I got excited about it before I even found out what FINCA does. Then I did some research. I discovered that […]

Illuminare Foundation Presents: Wanderlust

Kristina Guison

KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival starts TODAY!

I’ve always been pretty proud of my Pinoy upbringing, even if I’m not necessarily loud about it. A large part of that pride is tied to the fact that Filipinos have a knack for being talented. We love the arts and the arts seem to love us right back. Kultura is a festival that celebrates all the things that Filipinos in Canada are doing wonderfully. Every year the festival […]