Looks like things might be changing again. I’ve recently discovered… well, I’ve got a feeling… that the place I’m working for can’t give me a pay raise if they decide to keep me (if I decide to stay). That means I’m going to have to look for another job. I simply can’t live on what they pay. Well, I can but I can’t do anything but eat, sleep and travel to and from work – with the occaisonal luxury of friends OR something for myself OR a trip away OR… you get the picture.

But I’m just a little discouraged at the moment. I had applied for a job that I thought I was sure to get, for many reasons including the fact that he knew someone on the inside. It wasn’t a job that required exteme skill, and to not even be called in for an interview really knocked me down. I’m in a whirlwind of emotion and negative thoughts… and I hope that it’s mostly due to this hangover I’ll be soon sleeping away.

I have to say though, my soul (as corny as that sounds) has never been happier. He truly is amazing… it’ll be a difficult Summer; that is if I don’t get to stay.

responses to “Change” 2

  1. There is something always better out there Reggie. (jobwise) I’m sure you’ll land something. There are so many factors on why you didn’t get called for the job. I wouldn’t stress over it.

    Glad that “your soul” is happy. I remember all those pessimistic blogs you used to post about that topic.

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