I got tagged by Trench recently and even though I’m going to be late coming back from my 10 minute break… I just HAD to do it. 😀

Five items in my freezer:
A single chicken breast, Mini cheese pizzas, Breaded garlic chicken fillets, Potato waffles & loads of someone elses assorted frozen veggies.

Five items in the closet:
A Purple velvet assymetrical halter dress, A black wool peacoat from H&M, My favourite pair of black dress pants1 that I’m trying to lose weight to fit back into, lots of white t-shirts that I hardly wear and my favourite brown sweatshirt from H&M (hm… can you tell what store I like to shop in?)

Five items in the car:
Well, my CDs, some papers, a lighter, a first aid kit, and probably a spare pair of sunglasses2.

Five items in my purse:
iPOD Nano, mobile phone, digital camera, wallet and an umbrella3.

Five friends to tag up.
Lynn, Jadzia, Greg, Courtney and Ryan.

  1. also from H&M[]
  2. at least my car in Canada… I don’t have a car here in Ireland[]
  3. for the unpredictable Irish weather[]

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  1. OK, This is a great way to get me to post! 🙂 I will try to do this soon. I’ve been SOOO MIA it’s not even funny. Miss ya girlie, hope you are well!

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