Considering a career-change

I’m beginning to hate what I do.

I love living in this city. But I hate my job. I was trying really hard not to hate it, but I’ve given in now. I feel like I’m being told that I am not allowed to have a life. And all because they’re being really picky about who they hire. You see, we require four people to be on the floor as servers on Fridays and Saturdays. Currently there are 3 of us that are designated servers. I’m sure that any of the men that work behind the bar can work as well, but of course they don’t want to make them work on the floor to give the rest of us a life.

What pisses me off the most is that the men that work behind the bar (yes it’s only men that are working behind the bar the moment) have all been on holidays at one point or another already in the two months that I’ve been working there. The girls who work as servers on the floor (and again, there are currently only women working on the floor) have not taken any holidays. Drives me UP the wall!!

Argh. I’m too upset right now… maybe I’ll talk about it again later. Maybe I won’t.

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  2. hey reg. I just wanted to say hello. Is there a gender issue going on where you work? I’ve never been to Ireland but kinda sounds fishy to me. Keep us posted. Career changes are always good too. What did you plan to do?

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