We’ve had two really good conversations this week. Conversations about nothing. And it’s made me so at ease. Maybe a little too at ease: I have so much work to do and no motivation to get any of it done. I don’t know how I used to think that I was an interesting person because it takes so much effort to pay attention and talk to people, especially new people. Moving to Canada and having that one year where I had no friends that I just automatically did things with really changed my perspective on things.

When I was living in Dubai, everything was so much easier because I made my friends when I was young enough not to have any inhibitions about people. But when I was 17 and having to make new friends, when everyone already had their friends from childhood, it wasn’t easy. It didn’t help that I moved from one high school to another a year after we moved to Canada – we moved from one municipality to another which is like moving to another city.

In my last year of high school, I was dating a pretty cool geek of a guy and had a decent circle of friends – his friends – so when we broke up I was sort of alone again. Luckily, I started working at a restaurant and we all know what party animals they are! But it’s only now in my last year of University that I feel I’ve found some girlfriends that I can really trust, that I might actually keep in real touch with… even if we don’t all want to end up in the same countries!

The point of my entry is that I can’t believe how I never saw before, the value in conversation. Something so simple as just voicing opinions, thoughts and feelings to someone and allowing them to do the same – even if these don’t agree. And in learning how to manage people I think this is the most important lesson I will ever learn. Conversation will definitely get you places if nothing else will.

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  1. While we are not saying exactly the same thing, I think the message stands… conversation is pretty valuable and what is there to be learned from humanity if we are not “really” communicating.

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