I’m afraid it isn’t going to be a typical review… but I had to confirm something when I saw the movie win the award Sunday night. We all know that Brokeback Mountain was a favourite to win and when Crash won, I was stunned. So on my way home from school today I stopped into the nearest blockbuster and checked out a copy of Crash. It was a great movie and it certainly deserved to win, just like I’m sure Brokeback Mountain deserved to win, and Capote, and Munich and Good Night, And Good Luck but the devil’s advocate in me can’t help but think, “Did the Academy choose Crash to win because they weren’t ready to accept a movie about homosexuality quite yet?”

I mean I guess I should look at past winning movies, but right now I have too much school work to do and don’t really feel like it. The movie features the lives of about 16 or so people whose lives are all intertwined in one way or another in a span of 48 hours. I enjoyed it very much and have added it to my DVD wishlist. I don’t want to spoil the movie for those that haven’t seen it yet, so leave a comment if you want me to email you what my favourite part of the movie was… because I definitely have one!

responses to “Crash” 2

  1. I have to admit, I think I want to watch it… especially now that Heath Ledger is dead. heh I thought I had watched on satellite… guess I couldn’t wait for the free version! d’oh!

  2. I never watched Brokeback Mountain. Dont plan to either. After watching this movie, its easy to see why it was the Oscar winner

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