Crazy like a fox!

I’m feeling all out of sorts. Not sure why. Not sure I even care. All I know is, I need a break. Or at least a break to look forward to… even if the break doesn’t come until New Years. I want to go to Ireland!!! I want to see Peter. I want to look forward to a time when I can see him again. I was going to wait until this Friday to find out how much I’m getting paid so that I can work out how much money I can earn between now and New Years for spending money but I don’t even know because I didn’t get a pay stub this week?!! And the last time I checked flights they were nearing the $1,000 mark. BIG WAH!

I cannot afford a $1,000 ticket and still have enough to save spending money. I can’t think of what to do other than to ask them if I can start serving. But, I’m not even a good host yet! I still make mistakes and I don’t like asking to move up unless I’ve perfected what I’m already doing!

Argh! I’m going to search for flights and then hit the sack. More tomorrow!

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  1. Ha, I’ve dreamt about going to the Australia and New Zealand! So I guess we’re even! haha Ireland is so beautiful though I’m sure every place in the world has it’s own beauty. I can’t wait till I travel.

  2. Ireland! I’ve dreamt about traveling that far. Never been past the east coast yet. I’ve been to all the Orient, Australia, New Zealand, but never to Europe and its surrounding countries! that would be fun!

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