Creepy and a half!

I went shopping at Ikea today to pick up a few things… a picture frame (to put the newspaper clipping from today’s paper in: I’m in it!! (login:; pword: thestar), a clothes rack and some little trinkets. So I’m walkin’ along with my cart, minding my own beeswax when i notice this guy pass by me. I noticed him because the middle-aged, dark haired parted towards the right, brown skinned, 5′ 9″ man, wearing black pants and a thin, army-green, wind breaker type jacket made a sort of grunting/heaving breathing noise in my direction as he passed by me!

I was disghusted, but I just kept on walking. I was in the textiles department when this happened… and it wasn’t until three departments later, home organization, that it really started to bother me that he was always 5 steps away from me. It especially bothered me when we crossed paths again and he made the exact same disghusting noise. And in the self-serve department (the last department before the cashiers) it just so happened that he was done picking up his “items” just as I was done looking at their Christmas wrapping supplies (I’m such a sucker for gift-wrapping!).

Luckily for him, my lane took ages and his lane took exactly as much time as mine did – and of course his happened to be the one right beside mine. I stood around for a little bit and pretended to look for something in my purse and out of the corner of my eye noticed him reading his receipt – fair enough, my Mum does that. I proceeded to exit the building and noticed that he was just backing into the loading dock, right by the exit. My paranoia was growing so I stepped into the personnel entrance lobby to give Liz a visit. I wanted to wait until he was done and left. Once I thought he had gone, I just stepped out – my mistake. He had just gotten into his car – or maybe he was waiting in his car for me to get out, who knows. I couldn’t wait in there much longer though… I had things to do.

I continued to walk to my car and slowly put my purchase into the trunk of my car. He proceeded to drive down the aisle where my car was parked. I continued to sort through the contents of my trunk and removed some cardboard I had lying around. I closed my trunk and walked towards the blue recycling bin by the building. At this point he had reached the top of the aisle and turned down the other aisle when he was already in the lane to exit the parking lot!! I was livid at this point. I walked towards my car and then walked to the back of the car that was parked in front of me so that I would be in the exact aisle he was driving down.

I stood there and waited for him, staring him down in his white honda (or acura?) 2 door sport car, Ontario license plate AAXX 680. Once he reached me, he stopped.

I asked, “Are you lost?”
He rolled down his window.
I asked again, “Are you lost?
“Then why have you been following me all over the store?”
“I’m not, I (something incoherent)” as he points to his passenger seat.”
“You have been following me all over the store and you fully expect to follow me in your car.”
Cutting him off, I told him to leave me alone and I walked back towards the personnel entrance.
That’s when I got his license plate number. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. My adrenaline wore off and I was freaking out! I sent *him* a text message to call me… and he did. (beam) He worries about me.

I had lots of other errands to run today, but as soon as I got to my next destination I couldn’t even get out of the car. It was far too taxing. So I turned around and drove home. I’m still mad about that guy and really wish I had grounds to report him. I’m not the type of person that will be victim to people like him, but other women aren’t so lucky. I don’t know if that was his first time attempting that sort of thing and I don’t know if he’ll try it again. But if he does and the other girl isn’t so fortunate, I’d feel slightly responsible. You know?

Update: It’s three years later, I can still remember it clearly. He had no reason to turn back down the other aisle in the parking lot because the exit was no where near there. I didn’t end up doing anything about it, so I can only hope and pray (very lame, I know) that I was over-reacting and that he didn’t try this on someone else.

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  1. Hey Lynn… probably… but I felt kinda safe because there were so many other people around. And it was light out, I would’ve felt differently if it was night-time probably. hehe

    Awh, the article didn’t really have anything to do about me though. hehe still a good laugh seeing myself in the paper! haha

  2. OMG Reg… that’s freaky! You should have just stayed inside. Be careful… you never know these days what people are capable of.

    Ok… going to read about you in The Star now 🙂

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