David v David

It’s probably because I’m actually interested this season, but I feel like this is the biggest buzz I’ve felt around two contestants since Kelly Clarkson’s season. If not bigger. Tonight, the season finale of American Idol 7th competition airs for all the world to see. I’m excited. I’m nervous… I’m indifferent as to the results of the actual competition.

While I feel that David Archuleta is too young to win the competition, he’s certainly proven me wrong by being in the top two in the first place. I’ve already bought David Cook’s first album (figuratively speaking of course), so he’s already a winner in my books. The Davids and Sayesha are getting amazing publicity already that I’m sure they’re living their dream despite not getting the crowning glory of being named American Idol. Everyone knows that you don’t have to win the competition to have a successful music career.

Despite my best efforts, American Idol has become such a popular show that even being on the show for an extended period of time guarantees you some shot at fame. I’m just kidding though, why would I hate a show that allows people to fulfill dreams similar to mine?

I don’t think I’ll be watching tonight’s show, mostly because I’m sick (yes, again) so I’m hoping to be in bed by 8:00 p.m. after pumping a gazillion drugs into me. Besides, which I much prefer to catch the songs on YouTube after the fact so I can avoid the needless chatter of commercials, the judges and Ryan Seacrest. But I will be tuning in tomorrow night to watch in pain as Ryan Seacrest tries to act cool and drags on the results as he is obvioulsy forced to do.

I don’t hate Ryan Seacrest, I just think he gets too much credit for what he does… or doesn’t. hehe

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  1. Greggy – Glad to know someone I know voted for David Cook! I would’ve voted but I’m Canadian so I prefer to live vicariously through my television hahaha. Thanks for the vote of confidence… and I’m working on the video! =P

  2. Well now I don’t feel quite so silly as I did a month or so ago when I voted for David Cook. (In 7 years I had never actually spent 50 cents to cast a vote for any American Idol contestant, but I liked him – so I made the call.) However Reggy if you were ever to be on the show I promise to faithfully make multiple calls each and every week for you .-)

  3. Chris – We got our wish! David C won!! 😀

    Jillian – haha I don’t blame you for hating Ryan… he’s so very annoying. 🙁 I’m sorry Archuleta didn’t win AI but I’m sure he’ll still be a big, big star!

    Canucklehead – hahaha you’re too funny… you didn’t really know which David won when you wrote that comment did you? Admit it!!

  4. Yeah – David won! OK – so I don’t watch the show but I do know that David won – I just felt bad for David, who lost. Anyway – way to go David!

    Canuckleheads last blog post..I Get By …

  5. I’m gonna have to say it: I actually might hate Ryan Seacrest.

    Even though the show has come to an end (for now) I STILL don’t know who won. I’ve been rootin’ for my boy Archuleta since DAY ONE!

    Jillians last blog post..I Didn’t Land on “King of Rock”, “King of Rock” Landed on Me

  6. I dont really keep up with American Idol. I like the tryouts then it get kinda boring for me. I agree though. Not a big fan of David A. winning the whole thing.

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