de Quervain’s tenosynovitis and some wheezing

De who in de what now?

Back in April when I was still working at the hotel restaurant, I started noticing that my wrist would get quiet sore doing certain acitivities. Around this same time, my allergies had started acting up so back that I was coughing a lot and wheezing. I was ordered to see my doctor.

I think it all started when I started to get a pain in my left shoulder when I would stretch to reach something far away. I swore so as my doctor performed the Finkelstein test to reveal to me that my wrist was suffering from de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. But what can you expect when I only started treatment about 6 weeks after it started hurting. I’m sure it had something to do with having to carry heavy plates and trays at the hotel restaurant job, but I had been carrying heavy things from plates to cases of beer for years so why should it start hurting now?

“Because you’re getting older and you took a year out doing office work…” was the realisation I had while I was on holidays a couple weeks ago. Then I wondered if I would ever get to bartend again… it is after all my favourite job in the whole wide world. I would do it forever if I felt I could survive living like an irresponsible teenager/night owl for the rest of my life. This ‘condition’ is part of the reason I’m trying to change careers… but only part. It still hurts if I grab the phone or even the steering wheel the wrong way so it’s not like this kind of work is much better but it’s certainly easier on my wrist than bartending.

It did help me with a cool costume one day though when a couple of friends of mine had a summer-sublet-house-warming medical themed costume party, so it’s not all bad. And it’s always a good for getting some sympathy when I wrap the stretchy bandage stuff around my wrist (to prevent moving my thumb).

Oh right, the wheezing, my doctor gave me some asthma medicine for the wheezing but I found out it actaully made things worse… so I stopped taking it. I’m just taking regular non-drowsy antihistimines instead.

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  2. Hi Rudy, thanks… I am feeling much better. I hope the driving range helps you out though you should try a sport that requires you to move all your joints and muscles in different directions. The same stance you have to be in for golf doesn’t help problem knees and such… swimming is usually the best for aching joints! haha not like I’m a dr or anything – I just know because my parents tell me so and they have experience with this stuff.

    😀 Glad you like the header!

  3. I hope you’re doing much better. I’m starting to have all sorts of “pains” on my knees, foot, wrists, and neck. I think it’s because I’ve been sitting in my cubicle all day. No sports. No exercise.

    So now I’m starting to go out to the golf driving range, and do some swimming. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll feel much better.

    And oh… your new blog header is pretty nice.

    Rudys last blog post..Lunch Bits – Edition 18

  4. Original GRITS – It has faded to the point where it only hurts if I grab things a certain way so I make sure NOT to grab things in that way from now on. As for the Asthma, I really don’t think I have it because the wheezing only occurs when I’m suffering from coughs caused by congestion in my nasal and throat (?) cavity from allergies… but so long as I continue to take the allergy meds I’ve discovered that seems to work – I’ll be golden! Thanks for the warning though! I’d hate to have asthma! It was my pleasure, and I’m sure I will stop by again soon 🙂 Thanks too for your visit!

    Margaret – I’m sorry to hear about your husband 🙁 That can’t be fun! I can only hope that the special keyboards you’re using will help you. Thanks for your visit!

    LuckyGirl – hahaha I can’t pronounce it yet! I only know the spelling because I have it written down and now bookmarked! If this is what you have, be sure to bandage up your hand so that you can’t bend your thumb. Best thing to do is to make sure not to use your thumb so that the muscle has time to heal (it’s inflamed which is making it tense) – but of course it could still be something else so be sure to go see your dr!!

    Monique – Thanks!! It’s Canada day and didn’t have that much to do so I decided to finally make the much needed change!

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