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I’m done training at work. And this other place that I went to for an interview called me back today. It’s shaping up to be a good money making summer. BUT. I haven’t heard from the place in Ireland yet. I’m getting worried. Not just because I haven’t heard from them, but I’m getting worried that when I do finally hear back from them, it will be too late for me go over in July. Should I email them and say something? That I now might not be able to go over until closer to the end of July?

Why will it take so long? Because I haven’t applied for my working visa. Why haven’t I done that? Because I don’t have the money to waste applying for it in case I don’t get the job with them. It’s quite the vicious circle. They want to be sure they want me, but the longer it takes the longer it will take for me to get over there. I don’t know if I should initiate contact with them and let them know my situtation or wait until they contact me again. On the one hand I’ll be covering my bases, on the other I’ll look really eager and presumptuous if I contact them first. ARGH!!

Help me?!!

Oh and some more background info: This company is a HUGE global player in my industry and I do NOT want to risk pissing them off because I don’t want to completely ruin my chances of getting a job with them ever again.

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  1. April it wont “insult” them to know that she’s been doing a little digging.

  2. I think that this business knows how long it takes to get visas. I think that Greg’s idea might insult the company. Perhaps what you should do is just tell the truth. Tell them from your gut how and why you would like to work there, etc. Explain to them that the situation is tough, but that you will hold out for as long as it takes. If you let them know what you’re intentions are, and how important it is for you, then you are sticking your neck out for them, and they will likely appreciate your sincerity and tenacity.

  3. Reggy it’s within corporate norms to follow up with an email thanking them for their consideration for the position, and slipping in a tid bit noting that you have checked and discovered that work visas are currently taking “x” days to process on average. It’s a polite way of saying “Well…Interested or not?”
    Which is exactly what you need to discover. If Ireland is in the cards right now it will play out that way, if not you need to know so you can move on to other things – after all girl you’re on the spring board bouncing right now whether you know it or not! (Ha!… but with some things you’ll need some years to flow by before you really realize the truth of what I’m saying .-)

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