Eventful day…

The beast within…
I couldn’t quite live with having her cooped up indoors all the time, so I let go of my fears that she would catch fleas again and let my darling baby outside. No photos of her outdoors just yet because I had to leave for work right after we opened the doors but she seems pretty tired tonight so looks like it worked ;). Of course I had to get her collar and some flea meds on her first… but that didn’t take long at all.

Working while sick…
I was really dreading working today because I’m still not quite feeling better and the medicine I’m taking is making me pretty drowsy, but alas it ended up being a pretty good day. I made decent cash – AND one of my favourites came to visit! Plus I finally got to meet her beau! It didn’t end up being that busy so I was able to relax and not have to run around like a chicken with its head chopped off at all tonight.

To Lynn: You two look even cuter in person than you do in your photos!! Thanks again for stopping by and I hope I get to see you at least one more time before I head off!

Relaxing drive home…
For once! The drive home is never relaxing because someone’s always either on my ass or I’m zipping around trying to avoid assholes who insist on driving 10 below the speed limit in the passing lane. But today was super smooth! So it was an event because it was un-eventful! Yippee!!

A racing mind, filled with anxiety and anticipation…
As the time of my departure grows nearer and dearer, I’m constantly struggling to figure out whether I’m doing the right thing but at the same time pushing forward as if nothing is even the matter. I’ve emailed a few places about apartments, I’m starting to compile my mailing addresses to keep in touch with those I treasure… trying to make sure I cover everything I need so that I don’t get stranded out there without all the things I’m used to. In the meantime, it hasn’t quite hit yet that I’m leaving… it’s like I’m doing all these things for fun but until I start packing up my life I don’t think any of the emotion will hit me – yet.

Too many “…”
I find I always use too many of those, but I always feel like I have something more to say but am not quite ready to say it…….. I guess? hehe

responses to “Eventful day…” 2

  1. Your kitty is so cute! Are you going to bring your little darling to Europe?

    Awh I wanted to… but I should’ve gotten some papers for her, and some shots six months before I brought her in… and now the only way to get her in is to get her quarantined for six months – so there isn’t much point. Boo-urns!

  2. Reggy,
    Yes, there are so many twist and turns along the way… and I think there are always doubts in our life, those little nag feelings meant to make us second guess ourselves. Of course there’s a counter measure always available to be made in regards to those doubts… A simple matching game with our hopes on one side of the equation paired against the doubts nagging in the shadows. Line them up! Hopes to one side, and doubts to the other . Match them up… and when you match up all the hopes against all the doubts … what’s left? When you filter everything through your mind (and through your heart) is there a sigh, or are you still holding your breath? (A sigh is a good thing, but if you’re still holding your breath… then there’s a genuine conflict that needs resolution before a big step.
    But if it helps Reggy let me say this, I’ve been around now for what? Seven? Ummm, almost Eight years? So much water under the bridge since you were the girl with purple hair. I’ve been watching this day approach for so long. I’ve watched you develop the emotional … intellectual, and social skills that make up who you are now. (And you’ve spread your wings to become one beautiful woman! God I’m proud of who you’ve become both inside and out! .-) You have the tools to accomplish anything (anything) your heart desires. I believe with all my heart that you’re one of those people who really could go to the ends of the earth. Now put that certain truth in your hand and hold it tight. In the other hand hold on to this thought “just because we can do a thing doesn’t mean we should.”
    In the end it comes down to this… Stay and find love, or leave and make love?

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