Exhausted, again.

Was trying to avoid posting because I only have a 10 minute break and I’ve spent about 7 minutes of it checking my bank and credit card balances… but I figure I have to get back into the swing of things (journal-ing) because the lady that sort of acts as the landlady, who I live with, finally asked the other girls about getting internet in the house and they’re interested. So I’ll hopefully have internet at home in the next two weeks. Yay!

Chris asked a very good question in my last post… What do I want to do? I’m not too sure… I really wanted to get into graphic and web design but, I’m full of fear and thoughts that I’m just not good enough. Especially compared to the talent that is so close at heart. Then there’s always my childhood dream of becoming a singer… I think I’ve definitely grown too old to pursue that dream. I know I shouldn’t think that way… but it’s hard.

Well… my break’s over. Will revisit this topic later.

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  1. It’s actually not cold in Ireland at all… you’d probably find it cold coming from Texas, but moving here from Canada… it’s extremely mild weather!

  2. I don’t think you’ll know what you want to do with your life unless you try it. Maybe you can own your own restaurant that includes some of the things you love most, sort of like an internet cafe. I don’t know — just throwing things out there.

    Glad to know you’re going to the internet though. I’ll finally get to read more of your lovely entries. ((hugs)) Europe, wow… wish I could be there. However, I bet it’s cold over there. I’m not too keen on cold weather. After all, I am in Texas.

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