First day

Served on my own for the first time at the place I’ve been working at for a while (which I will now call the indoor restaurant to avoid confusion), and did quite well. I made some minor mistakes like forgetting to ring in the pepperoni on some guy’s pizza (a modification, it doesn’t normally come with pepperoni) or ringing in some ladies’ order after their appetizers got to the table… but everyone was pretty nice to me. I hope it’s telling of the rest my serving career this summer…

I’m serving again tomorrow. Mother’s Day. eeks. The way we work big event days like Mother’s Day is that we limit the amount of time that they can sit at the table which does put a bit of pressure on me, but at the same time makes it easier as it makes everything I have to do more routine.

So far so good though… I didn’t have any trouble making bill payments this month and I was able to put some money into my savings account 😀 now I just gotta get my butt off this chair and get to a yoga class sometime this week!