Flickr Friday: Finding myself

This photo above was taken for the 26 things project that I blogged about in January. It was my entry for ‘twin’, and I really like how it turned out. I’m not completely happy with my body1 but I guess I’m happy enough to share it with you all2.

I took this at an H&M fitting room and am quite happy with the lighting and even my facial expression. I thought it was fitting for what I wanted to talk about today… I’ve been feeling really disconnected with myself lately and3 I think it actually started when I rediscovered my love for the arts. I say rediscovered because I had lost touch with it for a little while; I stopped singing, designing, painting, dancing… and writing4. Slowly, I’ve been pushing myself to get back and I’m feeling good. I’m not together yet, but I’m getting there5.

I went to a Hot Yoga class this past Monday and I’m kicking myself for not starting sooner. It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be, and it will help me with my breathing6. So I’m hoping to go more often and am hoping to get better at it. I’m hoping the time I spend there will enable me to really reconnect with myself and finally figure out who I really am… because sometimes, I’m just not sure.

Have you ever ‘lost yourself’?

p.s. This is my official 500th post, but the celebratory post is going live in two days. Its just the way things worked out.

  1. I’m like 89% happy with it[]
  2. remember I said perfect was boring anyway?[]
  3. strangely enough[]
  4. poetry[]
  5. points to anyone who can name the song that this line is from[]
  6. for singing[]

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  1. @Ken: Thanks sugar 😉

    @Peri: It did freak me out a first, but she had such a cute butt I thought maybe she was harmless (did I actually just say I think my butt is cute? for shame!)

    @trench: I guess in a way I don’t have any more *weight* to lose, but I do have fat I need to lose and muscle to tone. Thank goodness for hot yoga!

    @erin: Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m trying to enjoy the ride, its a bit harder than any other search I’ve done – possibly because I’m older and that’s what we do is worry… lol

    @Cromely: Thanks, good to know I can model a bit! hehe.

    @Penny: Awh thanks for the compliments {{hugs}}! I hope you find what makes you happy whether it be writing, painting, taking photos or playing piano. I hope you get to try hot yoga one day… its so good for detoxifying your system!

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