Flickr Friday: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I was originally going to post this song as performed by Connie Talbot, but she didn’t do as well as she normally does in her version of this classic so I chose this performance by 3 Angelic voices who happen to be Celtic. YouTube says they’re just called Celtic Woman and I don’t know the story behind the performance nor did I investigate – because this post is about Flickr Friday and this photo.

With 6 days left until Christmas, I’m hoping we have a white one1. I’ve spent the last two years without snow on Christmas and I want as much snow as there is on the day I took this photo.  This was taken on the first day in February earlier this year. I had been home for exactly 10 days and was excited about the snow. But then it just kept on coming!

I’ve experienced being somewhere warm during the holidays, and it was loud. You see, last year my Mum’s side of the family had a big reunion in the Philippines. It was a lot of fun and it makes me wish I could have gotten to know my family a little better. They’re all very fun people and even though I haven’t been in touch with them, they all still love me as if I were their own daughter. I’m sure it helps that my Mum is great a keeping in touch with them and updating them on everything that we do.

But despite all that, I still prefer a white Christmas. There’s nothing like driving around in the snow and walking up to someone’s door and feeling the warm gush of air as they answer it. Combined with the warmth in their smile, how could I possibly feel anything but Christmas cheer?

Are you wishing for a white Christmas?

  1. and considering we are supposed to be getting about 20-25cm of snow by the time I wake up tomorrow… I may just get my wish[]

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  1. i am also dreaming of a white christmas hehehe Merry Christmas sis 😉 and a Happy New year too 😀

    joanjoyces latest..History of Christmas

  2. @Haley: Irony and Mother Nature got together and are going to give me more of a white Christmas than I could have ever dreamed. Snow everyday until Christmas day. Crazy!!

    @Michael: Wow, I’d love to live in Hawaii.

    @Øyvinds: No, no card yet. Canada Post sucks 🙁 That reminds me! I need to send yours! Its sitting in my bag!! Oh no!!

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