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Live music has come back into my life with a force to be wreckoned with and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person that ‘goes to concerts’; as in, I wanted to be the type who had a concert or gig to go to at least once a month. Sadly, I never had the money to go to *all* the concerts I’ve wanted to go to. I think what I love the most about live music is seeing the performer in all his glory and all his humanity. I love when performances aren’t exactly perfect because it reminds me that the person on stage is just like the rest of us. But then when he or she hits that note or chord right on, it stirs something inside me that I just can’t explain. Live music always makes me feel so much more alive than anything else in the world1.

This year, the tally is up to 62 and I’m so excited. I’m waiting for my sweetheart John3 to announce a concert but its not looking good for 2009 since he is still working on his new album. Then I was a bit slow with deciding whether or not I wanted to go and see the Boss in concert again and now I believe the tickets are sold out. Jewel is doing a tour but she seems to be sticking to the U.S., and it makes me sad. There’s an acoustic set she’s doing tomorrow but its too late to go4.

I’m confident, though, in the way that this year is going that I will be a lot more. The photo above of Jay Clark & The Jones’ was taken last year at the Dakota Tavern. I had just started hanging out with Haza and the girls, and was so happy they had invited me to this gig. They were good and the guitarist5 was quite cute, albeit in a very rugged way. I’ve always preferred live music and can usually sit in on people’s practice sessions just feeling every note that pulses through the room.

I love the way this photo turned out because it is a perfect capture of the mood that night; but instead of telling you what I see this photo as… I’d like to hear your thoughts! I’ll update after the weekend is over to let you know if you were right.

What does this photo say to you? And, do you like live music?

  1. wait, have I said that before about something else? I’m getting a weird case of Deja Vu here[]
  2. including smaller gigs[]
  3. Mayer[]
  4. I’ve already made plans![]
  5. usually my favourite in any band[]

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  1. @Miss Tique: Its funny that you mention how confused the guy on the right looks. He was mid-sentence when I took this photo so I’m guessing the confused look is actually a result of him straining his face whilst singing. Music festivals are so much fun though I have yet to actually camp at one. Oxegen was one of my favourite ones in Dublin.

    @trench: lol @ liquid courage. I’m sure a lot of people are the same way. I wish I knew more songs (beyond the Jewel that I know) so that I could do the same my shyness is only a result of my lack of lyric knowledge.

    @Drolgreg: I’m ashamed to say I know you! I can’t believe you missed your favourite bands performing live! Hehe I’m only messing, I hope I’ve woken you up in time to catch some other great ones. Also, I’ve never heard of Chris Difford and Hazel O’Connor – will have to YouTube them later.

    @erin: Its amazing what you can tell from just a small frame; The Dakota tavern is exactly like a townie bar except its smack dab in the middle of downtown Toronto. We have quite a few bars like that actually. Glad you like the post!

    @Penny: lol I agree with you about the male singer/songwriters. Not sure why there aren’t more… maybe you and I can change that 😉 I hope too that you get to see more live music!

  2. Btw, I still like seing male musicians. Hehe I sound a bit sexist above! It’s mainly at my dad’s open mic night where you get the same old people…

    Pennys latest..“Be careful to perform your allotted task while it is yet day”

  3. When I was younger I used to see live music every week, usually multiple times a week. That included famous bands but mostly local bands, and of course my dad, his band, and his open mic night. But now I’ve let it slip, I don’t know why. I don’t enjoy it so much – back then I didn’t care so much about what the band sounded like, but now I seem to be kind of picky and will get bored. When I am at my dad’s open mic night I REALLY like to see women play/sing as there are just far too many male singer/songwriters who play these really depressing and pretty boring songs! When I hear someone a bit different I feel so inspired.

    Pennys latest..“Be careful to perform your allotted task while it is yet day”

  4. The venue seems like a really small “townie bar”. The atmosphere seems really casual and laid back. Lots of people drinking beer.

    I really like the concept of this post — seeing what feelings/thoughts it evokes from others.

    erins latest..Slumdog Millionaire

  5. I only go to clubs with live bands. I like DJ’s but live bands just the club a certain feel to it. I’m almost always called on stage to sing a couple songs too and when your half drunk, LIQUID COURAGE is all you need to be a rock star!

    trenchs latest..Miracle at St. Anna (DVD)

  6. The photo is quite interesting. The guy in the left is natural and easygoing while the one in the right seems a little confused? like he doesn’t know where he is … But the image itself makes me think of those moments when you’re about to get drunk and there’s smoke and music all around and you just let yourself flow with sound.

    As for live music – if it’s not live, it’s not music 😛 I go to a rock music festival each summer and also to concerts I like when I can and have enough money to travel.

    Miss Tiques latest..Villainess – Redefining Bad

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