Flickr Friday: Pink toes

I took this photo whlie I was staying in one weekend in Ireland. I can’t remember why I didn’t go out that weekend but I think it had something to do with the lack of funds in my bank account. I chose this photo to keep with the theme of going pink for October.

I’m not overly fond of my feet, but I obviously don’t hate them or I wouldn’t have taken a photo and posted said photo on my blog. But I do love this colour of nail polish that I left behind amongst many of my things back in Dublin.

I don’t have much else to say this Friday; There’s too much to do since I’m working on moving my site1.

Labour day in Canada (not that I'm home for it)

  1. more on this later[]

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  1. I definitely don’t do pedicures. But, I did know some guys in high school/college who did (and a few gay friends from my last apartment complex).

    Tons of guys at my high school did stuff like that, you would be really surprised how many shave their legs, do their nails, etc.

  2. I’ll bite, re:Trench’s question…

    Nope, never. I once let a GF paint my toenails though, does that count? But that was just to appease her sense of humor and give her a few laughs. I don’t remember it feeling good or bad.

    Now, I do remember I had a really dry foot problem for a few weeks once, and she would sometimes rub moisturizer on my feet because I couldn’t be bothered. Now that on the other hand … felt pretty nice!

  3. I just realized that you are constantly leaving sweet and awesome comments on my blog and yet and never leave any on yours. I just wanted you to know that it is not for a lack of visiting or reading. I only ever comment when I have something witty or insightful to say and considering my boderline IQ and almost constant state of intoxication – well, I don’t comment much. Anyway – all the best, CHEERS!

  4. @Monica: Awh thank you! I hope you get to take care of your lower digits soon =(

    LOL MEN! ANSWER TRENCH’S QUESTION… I *so* want to know!

    @Laura: Hehe thanks Laura, I haven’t done them in a while myself. Might do them for my birthday (in a month). Hope you get one soon – it’s fun! Though I prefer to do it myself so I can just lounge at home afterwards 😀

    @Canuck: Oh sweety, its ok that you don’t comment all the time! I know you’re here, secretly watching over me. LOL

  5. I’ve been thinking about getting a pedicure (a first for me) just so I could have toes that look barely human again. Your toes are cute, and pink.

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