Flickr Friday: The never-ending journey

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The day came too quickly, and it certainly lasted longer than I ever could have imagined. I went to bed the previous night dreading what a horrible day January 5th 2009 would be. I had no idea just how wrong I could be. Waking up that morning was not difficult, I didn’t want to annoy him by being late or taking too long so I made sure to get up on my own and get fully showered and dressed1. I was still a little late, and he did well not to get upset with me.

After I checked in, we had a few minutes to sit and enjoy a cup of2 coffee and prolong the inevitable. I’m not usually a sucker at airports, but I turn into a real blubbering fool when I’m leaving him behind3. We usually follow a long tradition of looking back and waving at each other while trying to fight tears in our eyes as I wait in line to go through security, but he ran out of there rather quickly this time. I was a bit sad, but the line for security was rather short so I didn’t have time to be sad for very long. To my delight my phone beeped signalling the beginning of the next tradition we carry out at the airport, texting.

I quickly bought some Butler’s chocolate to give as gifts to various people and headed towards my gate. Once there, I settled into a nice seat, put on my headphones, turned John4 on and started reading Angels & Demons5. I had gotten to the gate fairly late, but they hadn’t started boarding yet so about 10 minutes into my book I looked up. Sure enough, the flight was delayed. I wasn’t that worried yet because it had only been delayed by 40 minutes. Soon 40 minutes turned into an hour, then an hour and 20 minutes. I was going to miss my connecting flight to Toronto.

Sorry to do this to you, but its a long story!

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  1. I have difficulty getting up in the mornings to say the least[]
  2. expensive[]
  3. or if he’s leaving me behind[]
  4. Mayer[]
  5. I didn’t buy it, it was one of the only books he had that I hadn’t read yet – I didn’t want to buy a new book[]
  6. you are here[]

responses to “Flickr Friday: The never-ending journey” 8

  1. You really did make it exciting! Though not for you at the time. Wow I had a terrible time at the airport in Barbados, but I was only saying goodbye to my uncle and family friends. Must be so hard for you!

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

  2. @Web-Betty: Glad you enjoyed this series! 🙂

    @Leah: Airport moments can be quite romantic can’t they? This is exactly where the story turns sour 🙁

    @Ken: Thanks, glad you enjoyed. You recognised good ol’ Heathrow’s long ass corridors huh?

    @Ayprel: Hah… shhh don’t let him hear you!

    @trench: Thanks! Here’s hoping I get a dSLR soon!!

  3. You love keeping us all in suspense. Will come back for the conclusion.

    Lyndis latest..My experiment with CSS Sprites

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