Flickr Friday: Thirsty & reminiscing

It rained a lot this summer, and we didn’t have much of a fall either… I called this photo ‘Thirsty’ because its how I felt when I took it. Also, because the droplets look so good and, actually, quite refreshing despite the fact that they’re rain drops and on a car1. I’ve taken quite a few rain drop photos and they tend to get a good reaction.

Winter is here, and I’m homesick2. I managed to stay warm this summer, despite the cooler weather we received. I’ve been doing well so far but I just know I’m going to freeze this coming winter. Not to mention what this weather will do to my desire to go out and party with my friends. At least in the Spring/Summer/Autumn, its warm enough to take public transit when I’m in a3 state but when its winter time it doesn’t matter how bundled up you are. You are guaranteed one thing and one thing only: A frozen fragileheart.

I’m trying to stay positive4 because winter means that I’ll be going to see him again for 9 days and also get to celebrate New Year’s with him. That’s always a bonus to the winter. And of course, there’s always the super-added bonus of Christmas!

Are you looking forward to more winter?

  1. which could only mean that they’re dirty[]
  2. for Dublin[]
  3. usually drunken[]
  4. if only the sun would co-operate and give me my daily dose of Vitamin D[]

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  1. Those raindrops are a welcome sight after all the snow I’ve been seeing lately. For the most part, I’m not a big fan of winter. Once the holiday lights come down, it’s all bleak and blah. Learning to snowboard last year was about the only highlight of the winter.

  2. @Lyndi: LOL Thanks… can’t you share even a little bit of that heat with us? 😛 I hope you share those photos with us too!

    @Ken: Stop licking your screen!

    @Bitter Chocolate: I agree! And Valentine’s but that’s only when I have a significant other LOL lucky for me I’ve had one for the last couple of years.

    @April: Oh I know… I guess that’s why you live in TX?

    @Michael: Thanks!

    @trench: lol you hate snow? How come you have fake snow on your blog?!! lol

  3. I can’t stand winter. The only thing I like about it is Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not looking forward to more winter. 🙁

    Ayprels latest..Rekindled

  4. Aww I can’t imagine how cold it must be there! I am cold enough here :S But it is great you have your trip to look forward to 🙂 I am really looking forward to Christmas, and my holiday too. Winter does get very depressing though after January 🙁

  5. As far as I’m concerned there are only two reasons why one should like winter: Christmas and New Year’s Eve… once those are over, I wouldn’t have a single problem with proceeding directly to spring 🙂 We still have the goodies ahead of us though, so lets make the most of it!

  6. You can keep the cold. Right now we are struggling with the heat here in my neck of the woods but rather that than the cold.

    Interesting photo. This reminds me, it is time I dust off the old camera and go and take a few shots again. Have not taken photos for a while, actually miss it.

    Lyndis latest..WordPress Pagination

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