Flickr Friday: Through his eyes

I rarely post photos of myself up on the blog, but I really love this photo and since it’s quite popular on Flickr1 I thought I would share it for this week’s Flickr Friday. We went to London for a weekend in January 2007, a time when our relationship had just passed a pretty big hurdle and despite shifting away from thin ice, it was still hovering near some.

This photo reminds me of what we’ve been through, and how great it is to be where we are now and to have been given a second chance to appreciate each other. It’s wonderful that we’re both the kind of people who have the tendency to take things for granted but realise the error of our ways before it’s too late. Or maybe I should say that we’re just the kind of people that are able to realise when we’ve made a mistake and taken something for granted and correct it before it’s too late.

It was freezing on the bus, but it was a wonderful way to see everything we wanted to in the short time that we had in London. That’s the other great thing I love about us, we can see the practicality in things and most times we can agree on what to do – of course we both still compromise from time to time but I like to think that we see eye to eye on most situations. Also, he took this photo which makes it even more special to me.

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  1. @Monique: *sigh* It’s been tough getting back to this since he left. Everytime I sit down to start dropping or anything I’m expecting him to get at me to sit with him and watch TV instead. Thanks for worrying about me.

  2. I was about to send the police out to find you, but I see that you posted a response to a comment on Sept 9th, so I will stop worrying now.

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  3. @Beeker: You’re so right. There was a lot of emotion between us to begin with and what we’ve been through has definitely made us stronger.

  4. First off I want to apologise to everyone for being awol this last week, but I’m back to being alone so I will be online a lot again (a mix of yay and not yay).

    @Monique: LOL for someone who doesn’t like putting pictures of herself up, you’re very brave to put your photo up in your header! And yes, we do seem to have it all figured out… I’m so delighted we’re on the same page!

    @Michael: Hehehe I’m the prettier one!! LOL =P

    @Trench: I don’t know, luckily I don’t have too many of these! But I have lots of other people doing it. And I *still* can’t explain it!! LOL

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  6. It sounds like you two have things figured out 🙂 I hope it does last a lifetime.

    I also do not like posting pictures of myself so I can totally relate.


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