Flickr Friday: Walking around, sun or snow.

I’ve wanted to post a photo from this series1 for a while now, but thought it best to wait until it was actually winter before I depress everyone. This photo above doesn’t necessarily hold any sentimental meaning for me but I do quite like it. And obviously, the 147 people who have viewed it on flickr agree2.

When I look at this photo it reminds me that I don’t walk around my neighbourhood enough – I see people’s hosues while I’m driving by but its not the same. When I was living in Dublin, I had to walk through my entire neighbourhood since I didn’t have a car and I miss it. I miss walking by people’s houses, and people working on their yard or even just coming home.

I don’t know if I will do this more often, especially in the winter, but I hope I do. The problem is that there is nothing near my house to walk to. There is a park that I can walk through but there aren’t even any swings in it. Its just a dog park, and across from it is a field that people use for soccer with electrical towers across it. The closest mall to me isn’t that great3. I could walk to Wal-Mart, but I’ve decided to boycott the place even before the trampling incident. So I go to Loblaw Superstore instead, but there is no way I could walk there.

If I’m determined enough, I will get to this though. Its just a matter of convincing myself that I want to.

Do you go for walks? Even in the winter?

  1. a small series of 3[]
  2. because they clicked on it from the front page – at least thats my assumption[]
  3. its what’s considered an ‘old person’s mall’[]

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  1. That’s nice about the walking around thing. I do walk. I don’t have a car, so I have to walk some way before I can get the bus to places. I actually rode my bike the other day and it was FREEZING but it was nice 🙂 But there isn’t really much where I live either unfortunately. I used to like that at uni it was much busier.

    Pennys latest..My Blog Name

  2. I understand what you mean – there’s something so pure in feeling the snow crunch beneath your feet, and then to turn and see a long set of tracks marking exactly where you’ve been has it’s own little reward.
    Maybe you could put that artistry of yours to work by creating a little something in the park… something you add to like in the song The 12 Days Of Christmas. I would be curious what might be there by the time Christmas arrived! .-)

    Greggys latest..Thoughts at sunset…

  3. I love the idea of taking walks, but without the dogs I’d never actually go on them. Even with the dogs, we don’t take enough walks.

    Plus, my neighborhood in the suburbs is boring to walk in. The best walks we have are when we get in the car and drive someplace more interesting, which doesn’t happen very often and kind of defeats the purpose.

    haleyhughess latest..Creative Photography gets Reflective

  4. We used to go for walks a lot in our old neighborhood. There was a neat little circle around the place, that totaled just over a mile, and was kind of nice. Where we live now, you have to walk up a massive hill for about the first quarter mile, and then a very busy major road right outside the subdivision, and no sidewalks so it’s fairly dangerous to walk it.

    I do kinda miss having a good place to walk.

  5. I walk every morning, about 6 miles. It is how I start my day with positive manifesting, walking, thinking about my gratitude list and then affirming how I want my day to look. Some days, the walks don’t seem long enough, but then again, I get lost in my head a bit. (Which is a good reason I don’t walk towards a destination, I might get very lost then!)

    I walk in winter, but in a warm climate, that is no big feat. How I wish I had snow on occasion.

    Debbie Lanes latest..The Fantasy Of Perfection

  6. In my neck of the woods, going for walks (especially at night) are a big no-no. If you do go walking you might return without your phone, watch, purse or anything else. There is always the chance that you might not return at all. Sad, but it is true.

    You go for walks, I will check out your pictures.

    You have got me all depressed now, it is time for my monthly letter to the damn politicians regarding the crime rate. These letters do not help but they make me feel better.

    Lyndis latest..Blog Review: Nihar’s World

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